Google AdSense: Important Tips and Tricks


Our posts on various issues related with Google AdSense. We highly recommend that the new users of AdSense go through all these posts to learn answers, tips and tricks that are very important for you to do better in making money through contextual advertising.

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A Newbie’s Guide

Excerpts: [... Lately, I began paying attention to Google AdSense and how to use it to generate income. For obvious reasons, people have a lot of interest in Google AdSense but what I have sensed is that most people are ignorant of many important things related with AdSense. This series of articles will tell you everything that you need to know to become a successful AdSense businessperson. ...]

Low CPC (Cost Per Click) Reasons and Solutions

Excerpts: [... Sometimes just one click can make you significant money and sometimes several clicks fail to yield even half a dollar! The primary reason behind this phenomenon is that of the low Cost Per Click or CPC. Analyze your AdSense control panel and you’ll find the CPC rate of ad spaces you have got. Lets see what are points that determine CPC. ...]

Ads in a Fixed Floating DIV

Excerpts: [... Users of Google Adsense often ask a question: Is it okay to show Adsense advertisements in a fixed div element (created by position:fixed in the style property). Well, the answer is that it is illegal to do so. You should not place ads in fixed floating divs because it is against the Google’s Ad Implementation Policy, which states ...]

How to Use Section Targeting

Excerpts: [... Section targeting is a mechanism to ensure that the algorithm gets the right content to decide about ad serving. The mechanism is very simple. You just need to put markers in your blog’s code to tell the algorithm about the content that should be considered. ...]

First Ad Matters a Lot

Excerpts: [... harvesting the full potential of these ads requires a bit of more work and tweaking. You need to do a few things in order to optimize your ads and revenue you get from them. Today, I will talk about the importance of the first Google ad in your webpage. ...]

Yellow Box Appears for a Brief Moment

Excerpts: [... Many people face the problem of flash appearance of a light yellow box right before the Google AdSense ad appears. Learn the reason and solution of the problem. ...]

Google Penalty: Why You Should Not Copy Content

Excerpts: [... Many people who believe in shortcuts of making money tend to fall for the trap of deliberate content duplication. Attracted by advertisements like “Google blessed me with $500 a day” –they feel that there cannot be any easier way to make money than setup a website and place AdSense on it! ...]

Ad Blindness: How to Avoid and Overcome

Excerpts: [... Website owners who display advertisements on their web pages sooner or later face the effect of a phenomenon called “ad blindness”. This is also known as “banner blindness”. Ad blindness is important to understand and resolve because it could severely hit your click-through rate (CTR) and therefore lower your revenue through ads. ...]

Use of CSS to Alter Look of AdSense Ads

Excerpts: [... Many AdSense publishers become desperate when their CTR and CPC seem to have become adamant and just refuse to boost up. After seeing that all the ad style juggling through AdSense standard options does not make a big difference –they begin to think of modifying their ads’ look using CSS. ...]

Benefits of Linking Google AdSense and Analytics

Excerpts: [... Google Analytics is one of the best tools around to keep track of traffic on your website. Analytics provides comprehensive data and easy-to-use reports for your consumption. This information can greatly help you in customizing your website and content in order to serve your visitors better. ...]

What Type of Blogs Attract High CPC Ads?

Excerpts: [... Answer to an frequently asked question. New AdSense users and new bloggers often want to know how to earn more money advertisements. But there is no shortcut! ...]

PIN was not Received

Excerpts: [... The next day when Harry logs into his AdSense account to see how much he has earned. First thing that might disheartens him is the figure of earning from previous day ($0.00 or may be $0.01) … On top of this, he finds a message from Google that their payment is on hold. Tension! ...]

Only 3 Ad Units Per Page Are Allowed

Excerpts: [... In a large number of cases, frustration sets in and AdSense users begin to find ways to increase their income through AdSense. More often than not, AdSense users begin to add more ad units in their website. They hope that more the ad units higher the chances of getting clicks. ...]

Decrease in AdSense Revenue

Excerpts: [... Many people have asked me about unusually low Google AdSense revenues in previous month (June 2012). They all say that while the traffic and number of clicks on their websites remained more or less same throughout the month but the Cost Per Click (CPC) staged a nosedive. ...]

Best Ad Sizes and Types

Excerpts: [... Although it is almost impossible to crown a particular type and size of ad as best performer because difference ads perform differently on different websites but still, based on our experience with Google AdSense, here are our views. ...]


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