America is Obese: Cost to Employers [Infographic]

One-third people in USA are obese and this weight is causing American employers a heavy health care cost. This infographic gives you some shocking figures.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the total annual medical cost of obesity-related diseases in USA is a staggering $147 billion. This will come as no shock if you know the 33% of American adults are obese. The American employers have to bear the burn of this cost by the way of medical insurance of employees.

$73.1 billion is the amount that American employers have to cough up extra because of issues related with obesity of their full time employees.

In comparison, smoking related disease put a burden of $96 billion while alcohol-consumption related diseases cause a loss of $24.6 billion in the US. In last five years, the medical cost of obesity related problems have increased by 80%.

Americans don’t exercise much. About 300 million Americans don’t even get minimum exercise even as the amount of time they spend sitting has increased by eight percent in last three decades.

The following infographic produced by Keas states a few (but obvious) suggestions about how one can reduce weight and therefore avoid obesity.

Image via Keas

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