DataWind UbiSlate Phablets: Price Tag is Less than Rs. 7000

Remember Aakash tablet computer? DataWind, the company that manufactured Aakash tablet computer has now launched low cost phablets (tablet computer with voice call facility). Price of these new phablets will start from Rs 3,999.

Connect PC with TV: Intel Wireless Display (WiDi)

Often we want to watch live streaming movies on our big TV screens. There are many methods of wiring a connection between computer and television set. Now Intel has come up with a wireless display technology. Daniel Ross reports.

Be Cloudier: How Cloud Computing Can Help You

Nowadays cloud computing service providers are gung-ho about how cloud can change the way we have been using computers. Saima Paakkonen tells you about how using clouds can help you PERSONALLY!

Why Netbooks Failed to Succeed And Disappeared

Netbooks were cheaper, more portable and smaller than regular laptops. All major computer manufacturers developed netbooks but they failed to take off. Let's examine why it happened.

How to Buy a Laptop Computer

This guide helps you in deciding which computer you should buy. It presents all the key things that you need to consider before paying money for a computer.