How to Use Num Pad and Numlock on Laptop

Learn how to activate and use numpad (numeric keypad) on laptop computers. This set of keys is often used for inserting special characters while typing.

Online Test Responsive Website on Various Devices/Screens

Are you looking for online tools that can test your website's design on various types of devices, screen sizes and screen resolutions? Well, it is important to check if your website is responsive. Website should be able to automatically adjust content to make it easily readable on different devices and screens. Let's learn about a few free online services to test website responsiveness.

How to Organize Webinars Free of Cost

Google+ Hang Out and AnyMeeting provide easy way to organize webinars and interact live with attendees. Webinars or web seminars are great for promoting your products as well as online media channels. Learn how to go about organizing such events.

Gmail: How to Remove/Disable Inbox Tabs

Is it possible to remove tabs from Gmail? Learn how to remove tabs from the Gmail inbox. You can remove (or add) social, promotion, updates and forums tabs in your Gmail account.