No Savings by Switching From Garamond to Times Roman

Suvir Mirchandani suggested that if US government begins to use Garamond font, it will save $400 million. It may sound very obvious but it is not so straightforward. Let's see where the flaw lies in this whole concept.

Social Media in India and Election Campaigns

IAMAI report states that social media campaigns can swing 3%-4% votes in the General Elections of India in 2014. The number of social media users in urban India is expected to reach 91m by the end of 2013.

Airltel Emergency Alert Service: Fight Crime Against Women

Sending emergency alerts through your mobile phone comes very handy when there is a mobile phone in billions of pockets around the world. It can especially help in reducing crime against women. Bharati Airtel, a mobile service provider in India, has begun such a service.

Why is Facebook Down in India?

Facebook users in India woke up for a nasty surprise this morning. The website has been blocked by the government as a court trial begins against the social network and 11 other companies.