Convert Roman Hindi Text into Devanagari Script


Today a friend of mine asked me if there is a tool available that can convert Romanized Hindi (i.e. Hindi language written using Roman characters) into Devanagari script? In the world of Hindi typing, it is one of the frequently asked questions. I always type directly in Devanagari –so I never felt the need of any such tool. But if you have received a lot of Romanized Hindi text and you want to convert it into Devanagari –you will definitely wish for an automated tool.

At first, I thought that such a tool may not exist because there is no popular standard for typing Romanized Hindi. Everyone types the way they are used to with (for example main, mein, ma, me –they all are possible spellings of a single Devanagari word!)

But there is actually a good tool available for this work.

Quillpad editor is good at converting roman English text into Devanagari Hindi. Because there is no standard for writing roman Hindi, the tool may make mistakes if you provide it with a really badly written piece of roman Hindi text. But in most cases it makes good conversion.

You can simply copy the roman English text and paste it into the Quillpad editor. The tool will gradually convert the script. Once automated conversion is over, you can make necessary corrections manually.

Click here to go to Quillpad editor


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