Couples and Friendship Pages on Facebook

Facebook has announced that now people can create couples or relationship pages. Couples Pages will combine all the updates and photos shared by the partners.

Facebook, the online social networking giant, has announced a new feature in its already very impressive collection. Facebook users can now create “couple pages” as well as “friendship pages”

Normal Facebook profiles and pages are for profiling an individuals. In contrast, these new types of pages are meant to highlight a relationship among two people. Two people in relationship can create such a page to chronicle all the information that concerns both of them. Relationship could be anything from friendship to married.

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Couples Pages will combine all the updates and photos shared by the partners.

“Starting today, we’re introducing a new layout for friendship pages,” said Facebook’s Arun Vijayvergiya.

“Friendship pages combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared. Click the gear menu at the top of a friend’s timeline to see a friendship page,” he said.

“If you’ve listed yourself as in a relationship with someone, you can also visit to see the friendship page you share with that person,” he added.

The friendship page is not really a new feature. It used to exist before as well. Just the concept of couple page is new (old wine in new bottle!). Also the layout of friendship pages has been upgraded to Timeline format (SEE ALSO: Get some creative ideas for Facebook cover image)

Here is how the new friendship page looks like:


A Facebook friendship pages

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