Decrease in Google AdSense Revenue

Previous month has witnessed a sharp decrease in AdSense CPC for many blogs.

Many people have asked me about unusually low Google AdSense revenues in previous month (June 2012). They all say that while the traffic and number of clicks on their websites remained more or less same throughout the month but the Cost Per Click (CPC) staged a nosedive.

We can also confirm this. At TechWelkin, we also faced the similar situation and many other tech bloggers reported decrease in CPC. We have published an article stating many possible reasons for low CPC. One of these reasons is season. In the middle of the year, advertisers tend to bid low for Google ads because of budget crunch dues to financial year ending. Also, CPC goes low because people go on vacations during this period and advertisers lower their bids thinking they will not get much response. These are however merely hypotheses. We don’t really know what goes on behind the scene. Google hardly disclose any information that could reveal reasons behind such CPC fluctuations.

AdSense users can only hope that CPC would improve this month and onwards. Keep the faith up. We would advise new AdSense users not to lose heart and keep producing good content. Patient is the key for AdSense success.

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