Drag and Drop Similar Image Search in Google Images

You can search images similar to an image you already have. Google’s Image Search makes life fun.

Google’s innovation knows no stopping! If you have a picture on your computer -you can find similar images using Google Image search! Check it out:

  • Go to Google Images Search (http://www.google.co.in/imghp?hl=en)
  • Drag and drop an image from your computer onto the Google Images Search page
  • Google will automatically upload your image into its database
  • It will then analyze your image and search for the similar images
  • In results you’ll get a list of images that Google thinks are similar to the image provides by you

The search is done by analyzing the provided image –it’s is not a search based on the name of the image. To test it, from Google Images, I downloaded a photograph showing a camel. I renamed the photo as “royal bengal tiger” and then used the above steps to find similar images.

And guess what!

I failed to confuse Google and it found me lots of images of camel!

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