Facebook Groups for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Facebook has begin to roll out groups meant for schools, colleges and universities. People with an active institutional email id will be able to become members.

Yesterday, Facebook officially rolled out groups for academic institutions. Facebook has been testing capability for quite some time.

At present, these groups are not available for all the institutions but soon Facebook will provide the facility to all. In order to join such a group, you would need to have an active university address. This means if you have a Harvard University email –you can only join Harvard University’s Facebook group. You will not be permitted to join, let’s say, Cambridge University’s group.

Facebook Group for Schools!

On these groups you will have the option of joining a “subgroup” dedicated to your major course. For example, if you are a Economics student at Harvard, you can be part of Harvard’s group and then join Economics major group to interact with your course mates.

You can join your batch mates in your major

Facebook has also launched a file sharing facility for these groups to enable students and teachers sharing notes, schedules, assignments etc.

Your institution might not yet have a Facebook Group. So, just wait until it gets it own group. Then you’ll be able to join.

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