Facebook Groups to Show Read Receipt

Facebook is going to roll out a new feature which will show which user has seen a particular post in a group. This could turn out to be a privacy concern.

Facebook is all set to roll out a new feature in Groups. Now the posts in Facebook Groups will display who has seen the post so far. This new feature was announced yesterday and shall be available both on web as well as on mobile.

A count of number of impressions will be shown onto the right side of the post and when a group member will hover mouse over the count; a drop-down list of the viewers’ names will be shown. This feature is supposed to make group functioning smoother.

Facebook will display the read receipt information in groups

Facebook will display the read receipt information in groups

We, at TechWelkin, however feel that this feature should be optional. While this feature is good for professional closed groups –for casual groups, this feature, to some extent may amount to the violation of privacy. It might make those people uncomfortable who wish to remain without footprints.

There are people on Facebook who do not wish to be tracked. Most Facebook users who comment on a lot of updates from friends or like their updates or even make a lot of updates themselves do get branded as to having not real life! If a user see all the posts in a fast flowing group -and the count becomes public -this will surely make at least a few people shy of visiting groups. Josh Constine of TechCrunch gives more details on this issue.

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