Facebook Makes Untagging Easier

Facebook has provided a checkbox on the untag dialog box to make the process of untagging a little bit simpler and easier. Now it takes lesser time to untag oneself from a photo.

A few weeks ago, TechWelkin had published a wish list for Facebook. One of the wish that people often make in connection with the largest online social networking website is to have a one-click-untag feature. Apparently, Facebook engineers have been listening to us as they have made untagging a bit less torturous.

Facebook allows people to upload photos and tag their friends in those photos. Tagging and all ensuing comments appear in your notifications if you happen to be one of the tagged friends. For me, and a large number of people would agree with me, this feature is a million more times nuisance than it is useful. Although the fundamental idea is simple and useful. I guess, the feature of photo-tagging was created so as to make people tag their friends who appear in a photo. But nowadays, people tag you virtually with anything and everything; be it a photo of best wishes card or flowers, chocolates, clothes, shoes, watches, newspaper cuttings, garbage, landscapes, poetic verses, quotations, furniture, baby faces and what not. The trouble does not end here. It actually becomes worse when tagged people begin to comment like “wow!”, “nice!”, “LOL”, “hahahaha”… and you get a notification for each such comment.

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Personally, I have been an avid “untagger” –I untag myself from all irrelevant photos immediately. This saves me from hundreds of notifications that come when comments are made. Although one can take an easier route of “Unfollow post” but I prefer total untagging.

With the ever growing list of my friends and subscribers, I lately conceded defeat as I no longer can manage to untag myself from all the countless photo-tags I get every day.

A few days ago, Facebook reduced one screen in the process of untagging by providing untag checkbox in the dialog box that appears immediately after you opt for untagging. This has not reduced the number of clicks you need to make but it has reduced time spent in untagging.

Facebook untag dialog box

Latest untag dialog box on Facebook

I sincerely wish that Mark Zuckerberg would realize the plight of people and would make untagging one-click AJAX-supported process.

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