Facebook: Social Landmarks Around the World

Infographic about the social places around the world where from people check-in the most through Facebook.

Facebook has published infographics showing the social landmarks in 25 cities of the world. The world’s largest social network has complied the data on the basis of check-ins. By “check-in” feature users disclose the location where from they are posting an update on Facebook.

Facebook is steadily nearing the one billion registered users mark. So, the company is probably the best source for answering as to which are the most social places. But this could be wrong. People don’t use Facebook equally from everywhere. In some social place they tend to use online social networking much less. Therefore, Facebook’s disclosure actually shows the social places where people use Facebook the most. According to the social networking giant, among the no. 1 ranked landmarks across the 25 cities:

- 7 are sports stadiums/arenas
- 6 are public areas: squares/avenues/parks/gardens
- 2 are amusement parks
- 2 are concert arenas
- 2 are shopping-related: shopping centers/malls

In terms of Facebook check-ins, the most social place in New Delhi is a place of worship! It is Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Here are the inforgraphics.

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