Find MAC Address of Your Network Card

Steps to find out Media Access Control (MAC) address of your Network Interface Card (NIC)

Network Interface Card (NIC) is a piece of hardware located inside your computer. This card allows your computer to connect to a network (e.g. Internet). All connection and routing devices on a network have a unique address associated with them which allows these devices to “talk” to each other. This address is known as Media Access Control (MAC) address. Sometimes an application wants you to enter MAC address of your network card. Following instructions tell you how to find this address.

  1. Click on the start button of your Windows computer
  2. Click on Run
  3. Run box will popup. Type cmd in this box and hit enter
  4. Black color Command Prompt window will appear
  5. Here you type ipconfig/all
  6. A lot of text will appear. Locate the line with heading “Physical Address”. The numbers written in this line represent the MAC address of your NIC

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