Google brings Indoor Maps for Museums

Find your way inside a museum will now be a cakewalk. Google Maps has launched indoor maps for more than 20 US museums. More maps are being added continuously.

Google Art Project has taken another innovative step. The search engine giant has begin to include indoor maps of museums in Google Maps. If you’re inside a huge US museum and have lost your way or want to reach a site of interest quickly –all you need to do is to take your smartphone out. Google Maps will tell you where are you’re on a floor plan of the museum.

Google already has more than 20 maps of museums under its belt. Smartphones with Android operating system can use these maps by downloading the latest version of Google Maps from Google Play store.

Google Art project has been involved with art and culture institutions around the world for proving digital versions of their venue, art collections and maps. At present, Google maps has more than 10,000 indoor maps of various buildings in the world.

Cedric Dupont of Google Maps for Mobile team said in a post on Google’s Lat Long blog, “Google Maps for Android has got wayfinding inside your favorite museums down to a science. With indoor maps and walking directions for U.S. museums now available on your Android phone or tablet, you can plan your route from exhibit to exhibit, identifying points of interest along the way, including between floors.”

At present, you can find indoor maps for de Young Museum in San Francisco, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Cincinnati Museum Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and 17 Smithsonian museums.

You might remember that sometimes ago we had reported availability of Google’s virtual tour of the White House as well as the Amazon basin. With these innovative endeavors, Google is steadily making its stronghold on future aspects of how technology would assist in our day-to-day lives. And for sure, Google will reap an early bird’s rewards when future will arrive.

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