Google Mourns Death of the Delhi Gangrape Victim

Google India has placed a lit candle on its homepage in memory of the Delhi gangrape victim, now known as the Delhi Braveheart. The girl valiantly fought for her life after she was brutally gangraped by six men.

Google, the search engine giant who answers billions of daily queries from users all around the globe, is mourning the death of the Delhi Braveheart, a 23-years old rape victim. The girl, known as Damini or Amanat in media, was subjected to brutal gangrape inside a moving bus by six men on 16 December 2012. The girl, a physiotherapy student from Delhi, was savagely assaulted and suffered severe injuries on her face, stomach, intestines and genitalia.  She heroically fought for her life in hospitals for 13 days –but lost the battle on 29 December 2012 due to multiple organ failure.

Google India has placed a lit candle on its homepage with a mouseover tooltip reading “In memory of the Delhi braveheart”. Silent candle march have been carried out throughout India in memory of the rape victim who was brutalized beyond imagination. Delhi, with its dubious distinction of being the “Rape Capital of India”, has seen strong and violent public protests demanding harshest punishment for the rapists.

Image of Google mourns the death of Delhi gangrape victim

Google mourns the death of Delhi gangrape victim

The girl and her boyfriend had taken a bus on 16 December 2012 at around 9:00pm in a south Delhi area. As soon as the bus started moving, men inside the bus began to pass lewd comments on the girl. When her boyfriend tried to defend her –he was severely beaten up and the girl was sexually assaulted. According to the girl’s statement –all six men raped her. Afterwards, the rapists dumped the duo on a roadside and fled.

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The couple was admitted in Delhi’s Safdurjang Hospital on the intervening night of 16 and 17 December. When brought to the hospital, the girl was in very critical condition and she remained so for next many days. Then the Government decided to take the girl to Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital for better treatment. This Singaporean hospital is considered to be the best organ transplant facility in Asia. The rape victim, however, could not be saved as her organs began to fail one by one. She breathed her last on 29 December 2012 in Singapore. Her body was brought back to Delhi in the early hours of 30 December and was swiftly cremated.

This rape case has sent shivers down the spine of India as well as the world. Stricter laws for crimes against women are the need of the day.

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