Google+ Local with Zagat Scores

Google+ is now more informative and provides you with credible local information based on Zagat scores

On 8th September 2011, Google acquired Zagat LLC for $131 million. Google planned to use the Zagat scores and related information to provide more free content to its users. Yesterday, Google officially launched Google+ Local with Zagat scores integrated into it.

Zagat score is a rating system for restaurants. It was developed by Tim and Nina Zagat in 1970s. Later, as the popularity of these scores increased Tim and Nina formed a company around it. The company also began to publish ratings for hotels, nightlife, shopping, zoos, music, movies, theaters, golf courses and airlines.

Now, Zagat scores of your local restaurants, hotels, shopping spots etc. are available to you right there in Google+.

Zagat scores are not integrated with Google+

In addition to the Zagat scores, recommendations and reviews from your friends will also appear as part of the whole information package. All this will help you in making a good choice when you will want to either going for dinner or book a flight.

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