Guest Posts

We encourage and invite both new and established bloggers to publish their content on TechWelkin. The material you want to post should be related to any domain/aspect of technology.

As the quality control on TechWelkin is very strict, we reserve the right of rejecting or editing the material submitted publication. We may also insert links in the submitted material wherever we think links will provide reader more information.

Posting Guidelines

In order to get your post published on TechWelkin, please follow these guidelines:

  • Original content: Your content must be unique and cannot be published elsewhere before/after publication on TechWelkin.
  • Number of links should be minimum.
  • Format: You can send us your post in plain text or in MS-Word format.
  • Images: Make sure they are created by you or licensed or follow Creative Commons guidelines.
  • Participation: We will notify you when your post shall be published. We request you to keep an eye on published post so that you can answer queries from readers.
  • Promotion: We would appreciate any help promoting your post.
How to send post

You can send your article at We will make a decision, will schedule your post and reply as soon as possible.

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