Methods of Downloading YouTube Videos

It's very easy to download YouTube videos for watching them offline or for keeping them in your collection. Many software and extensions exist to make this happen.

Google’s YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website. Recently TechWelkin published an infographic about the massiveness of YouTube. The entire world is hooked onto YouTube for one reason or the other.

At times, we want to download a YouTube video. It may be because of low bandwidth that does not allow you to watch video online or it may be because you want to keep the video in your collection. Many people asks us how they can accomplish this. Downloading a YouTube video is a cakewalk! Let’s explain how.

YouTube Downloader HD

One of the best ways to download a YouTube video is to use “YouTube Downloader HD”. It is a free software that you can download from here. Installation is very straightforward –just keep clicking Next button while setting it up. After setup, when you run it, the screen looks as below:

Screen of YouTube Downloader HD

Screen of YouTube Downloader HD

On this screen, you can make several choices:

  • In “Download” option choose the quality of video to be downloaded
  • Using the checkboxes given below, you can choose to convert the downloaded video into AVI and MP4 formats
  • In “Video URL” just paste the URL of the video you want to download
  • In “Save to” enter the location on your computer where you want to save the video
  • Press Download button and watch progress of download.

YouTube Downloader HD supports Unicode. This means that this software can save movies whose names have non-standard characters (like Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.)

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox extension. You can get this extension from here. Once installed, it appears as a button in your Firefox address bar. When you will go to a YouTube video in Firefox –this extension will detect the presence of a video on the page and the button will become colorful.

DownloadHelper's button is shown in red circle.

DownloadHelper's button is shown in red circle.

When you’ll click the colorful button –it will give you options to download all the videos that are present on the page currently opened in the browser. Select whichever you want to download. The extension also allows to you convert FLV videos in AVI format.


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