Increase Laptop’s Speaker Volume Without Changing Sound Card

Learn how to double up sound of your speakers using only software. That is, without changing speakers or sound card.

More and more people are shifting from desktop computer to laptops. Laptops are handy and portable but their speakers are not very powerful. At times we come across a music or movie file that has particularly low level of volume. Even after  increasing the speaker volume to full –your ears have to work hard for grabbing sound properly. Here is a small tip that can help you in such a situation.

The level of sound you get from your computer depends on the installed sound card and speakers. Both of these are hardware pieces and it is unlikely that you’ll go to market to get better versions in the middle of the night while trying to watch a movie! So, can you turn sound up using software? The answer is yes, but of course there is a limit to which you increase the sound. If you want sound higher than this limit –you should get better speakers and sound card.

First of all make sure that the system sound on your system has been turned up to highest. For this:

  • Double click on the speaker icon given in the system tray (the area in bottom-right corner near clock)
  • The sound mixer box will come up. Increase the volume of speaker to the highest.

Most people know only the above. But you can increase sound even more.

Once you have completed the above step, you can further increase sound by using graphic equalizers of your media player. VLC Player is definitely is the best media player out there (Download VLC Player). We recommend this free, lightweight, portable and amazing media player.

Open your movies/music file in VLC and click on the extended settings button to open the Adjustment and Effects box.

Extended Settings button on VLC Player

Extended Settings button on VLC Player

In this Adjustments and Effects box tick the enable checkbox and pull the slider given below to the top. This will double the sound volume coming from your speakers.

Adjustments and Effects box of VLC Player

If you just want to use Windows Media Player -you can use the graphic equalizers of WMP also to boost up sound.


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