How to View Only Unread Emails in Gmail

Gmail does not provide an simple way to find only unread emails in Inbox (Primary tab). But we can use search facility to look for unread emails. Know how...

Sometimes, we tighten our belts and get ready to finish off the unread pending emails in our inbox. Unfortunately, as of now, Gmail does not provide a straight simple way to list only unread emails to make our lives easier when we are on such missions. I hopes soon Gmail will provide an easy method to view unread emails.

For the time being, however, you can use the search facility to find certain types of emails as below:

Type any of the following commands in the Gmail search box given at the top of inbox.

is:unread to view only unread emails
is:read to view only read emails
is:starred to view only starred emails
is:chat to view only chat conversations
is:important to view only those emails that you have marked as important


Update on 09 November 2013

A few months ago, Gmail introduced tabbed view and gave the option of automatic sorting of emails under various tabs. In this view, finding unread emails only from inbox is even more difficult! I published about how to use search facility to get all such emails.


  1. says

    As far as I understand, I don’t face this problem. As using the ‘Priority Inbox’ feature of Gmail, my inbox automatically divides the incoming mails in ‘important and unread’, ‘unread’ or ‘important’ and ‘everything else’ sections; depending upon the settings. I wonder if you have not tried it.

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