How to Write Alternative Name in Facebook Profile

Facebook allows users to have an alternative name along with their real official name. Alternative name appears in grey color inside brackets right next to the real name.

Facebook provides an option of displaying an alternative name in your profile. This name could be your nickname, maiden name, title, professional name or any other name by which you could be (or want to be) recognized. The entire Facebook system is based on the premise that profiles contain true information. So, you are supposed to write your official name as profile name. But sometimes people are better known by another name than their official name. In such cases alternative name comes handy.

Enclosed in brackets, Facebook alternative name appears in grey font right next to profile name.

To enter your alternative name, go to Account Settings. Then click on “Edit” next to the name.

A new screen will appear which will show an option for entering alternative name. Facebook does not allow to use a different language for alternative name. You cannot have profile name in English and alternative name in, say, Chinese.

Screenshot showing how to enter alternative name

Facebook provides option to have an alternative name

After entering the alternative name, enter your Facebook account password and click on “Save changes” button.

Facebook provides a checkbox labeled “Include this on my timeline” to toggle display of alternative name. You can uncheck this box and save changes to hide your alternative name.

Alternate name must comply with our Community Standards. For example, your alternate name can’t:

  • Contain hate speech or offensive language
  • Target another individual or group
  • Be used to impersonate someone else
  • Be used to represent a business, organization, group etc.

According to Facebook, if you have a large number of public subscribers, you may be prompted to verify your account when you add an alternate name to your timeline.

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