Inexpensive Eyeball Tracker Device to Help Disabled

An inexpensive eyeball tracking device has been created which could be used to control a computer by the movement of eyes. Such creations are a blessing for people with disabilities.

A team of engineers from Imperial College of London has created a device which a disabled person can use to control a computer by the movement of her eyes. The best thing about this gadget is that it is dirt cheap! It can be produced with just $30 apiece!

People with disabilities who cannot use their hand to control a computers mouse can use eye tracker equipment for moving mouse cursor on screen. But such equipment so far have been very expensive keeping them out of the reach of common man. The cheaper devices would not perform as good. But this new creation combines best of both the world: it’s is affordable as well as performs very well.

The gadget is made of two video game console cameras attached with a pair of ordinary glasses. The cameras remain out of the life of sight. These cameras cost about $10 apiece. The eyeball movement of the wearer is tracked by these cameras and the signal is transmitted to the computer where it is used to move mouse cursor. The signal can be sent to the computer via Wi-Fi or via USB. The gadget uses only one watt of power.

The team published a paper in the Journal of Neural Engineering. One of the co-authors, Aldo Faisal said, “We have achieved two things: we have built a 3D eye tracking system hundreds of times cheaper than commercial systems and used it to build a real-time brain machine interface.”

“We demonstrate here that by using mass-produced video game hardware, it is possible to produce an ultra-low cost binocular eye-tracker with comparable performance to commercial systems, yet 800 times cheaper,” the researchers wrote.

Here is a video showing usage of this gadget:

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