Laptop Heat May Damage Sperms

It has been found that the heat generated by a laptop is enough to damage sperms. It is advisable not to keep laptop in your lap or on knees while using it.

If you are a man who uses his laptop computer keeping it in his lap –it is advisable not to do that for this may harm your sperms and may render you sterile!

Scott Reed, an electrician in United Kingdom, had been trying to make his wife Laura pregnant for about six months. But he failed. His sperm count was normal. General Physician (GP) did not find any other problem with the couple that could be stopping Laura from conceiving. Even as the couple was thinking of using in vitro fertilization (IVF) their GP sent them for some tests to Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth.

The results of the test showed that the tails of Scott’s sperms were coiled and this condition was making it very difficult for sperms to swim and reach egg. Such a condition arise when there is excessive heat around testicles. Finding no other apparent source of heat, the doctors advised Scott to use his laptop on a table. As the bewildered man began to follow the advice, he was able to make his wife pregnant in three months.

“I’ve never heard of this happening before. It was a real shock,” Laura, a pathologist, said.

“Scott would use his laptop in the evenings for a couple of hours on and off while we were watching television.

“He used it for work and general things like Facebook. We had absolutely no idea the damage it was causing him,” she said.

Scott Reed said that apparently the Chefs face this problem more commonly because they have to work in hot environments. Other professions that require people to work in hotter than normal environment may also face the same situation.

Laura Scott gave birth to a baby girl named Taryn.