MS Word: Different Page Numbers for TOC or Preface

Give your document a professional look by using Roman numerals for Table of Content (TOC) and introduction etc. The rest of the documents will have separate page numbering.

Microsoft Word has a facility using which you can very easily insert a Table of Content (TOC) in your document. Such a table holds names of chapters/sections/sub-sections/parts etc. present in the document. Along with names, also shown are the page numbers where a chapters begins. Using MS-Word, you can selected from a variety of pre-formatted TOC styles and insert into your document.

At times, especially TOC is lengthy, you want to give page numbering to TOC separately from the rest of the documents. That is, if your TOC spans over 5 pages –you would want TOC pages to be numbered 1 to 5 and the main document to start again with page number 1.


If you will insert the TOC at the beginning of your document just like that –TOC will take its place in the page range of the main document and main document will begin from page 6.


To get around this problem, you need to given TOC a section of its own. Insert a section break at the beginning of the document and then insert TOC in that section. The main document will remain in second section. Now you can give different page numbers to both the sections.

Inserting a section break

  1. Place the cursor at the beginning of your document
  2. Go to Page Layout menu > Go to Breaks menu (marker 1 in above image)
  3. Select “Next Page”

A section break will be inserted. Now you insert TOC in this section and give page numbers. The page numbers will end when the section ends. Then you can give pages number to the second section for main document.

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Tip: You can use the inserted section for anything else as well. You can write preface, introduction or foreword in such a section

Tip: To make your document look more professional, you may choose to give the TOC section page number with Roman numeral style (i, ii, iii, iv,v,vi etc.)

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