MS Word: Change Formatting of All Instances of a Word

Learn how to find, format and replace all the instances of a word or phrase in an MS Word document in one go. This tip can save you a lot of time and effort.

While working on an MS Word document, at times, we find ourselves in a need of finding all the instances a word in the entire document AND then change the formatting of it. For example, let’s assume that your company’s name is Stark Corporation and you are working on a 200 page long report on company matters. Your boss wants all the instances of name Stark Corporation to be italicized.

I am sure, you will not be keen on testing your patience and do this task manually! Good news is that MS Word can do it for you. Just follow these steps and the seemingly hopeless task shall be done in a jiffy!

  • Open your MS Word document
  • Press CTRL + H to open the find and replace box
  • You’ll see a More >> button at the bottom of this box. Click this button to display more options (as soon as you click this button, its label will get changed to << Less. Clicking again on this button will hide the extra options)
  • Type Stark Corporation in Find box
  • Bring focus on Replace box but don’t type anything in it.
  • At the bottom of the box, you’ll a button Format. Click on this and select Font…
  • Font options box will open. From here select the italic option and click on OK
  • Now under the Replace box , you’ll see the formatting definition you’ve chosen (Font: Italic)
  • Click on Replace All button and all the instances of Stark Corporation shall become italicized.

Note: You can apply any type of formatting using this method (including color, underline, bold, font style, size etc.)

Another good thing is that the same method can be used in reverse direction! If your boss changes his mind and says that Stark Corporation should remain in regular style and italics was not required!

Well, I can understand, how you’ll feel. Most bosses are like that in the world! But never mind, you can remove formatting as easily as you’ve applied it. You can follow the above steps and set the formatting from italic to regular. Easy!

NOTE: This article is part of our MS Word Guide. This guide solves your day to day MS Word problems. Easily!

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