Keep Your Earphones Untangled

A smart device that keeps your earbud wires untangled and ready to use. No more hassle of solving knots!

Not many days ago, I had made a status update on Facebook that the earbud wires have such a high tendency to get entangled that it appears as though they have been designed for this to happen. No matter how carefully you store your earbuds in your pocket or purse –they will definitely come out of it knotted!

If you are one of those who doesn’t want to switch to a wireless solution (like Bluetooth), here is a neat and simple solution for knotted earbuds problem. The Nest Earbud Protector is an earbud winder cum headphone case that protects your earbud-style headphones or earphones from tangling and damage! It features a patent-pending design and high-quality silicone construction. It’s also soft, flexible, durable, effortless to use and fits easily in any pocket.

Although the product seems a bit costly at $10 apiece but its worth a try if you’re totally fed up untangling your earphones.

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