TrueCaller Finds Unknown Mobile Number Contact Details

TrueCaller app can find details of unknown mobile or landline phone numbers. It can also block unwanted calls and fill details in your phonebook using social media profiles of contacts. It instantly tells you who's calling before you pick up the call.

Soon, You May Have to Pay for WhatsApp

Love using WhatsApp for free? Well, soon you may have to pay for it. TRAI is making a regulation that may end the era of free chatting apps like WhatsApp.

WordPress Not Working or Too Slow

If and are not working or are too slow, your website will also be sluggish. These are WordPress servers, learn how to get around the problem of slow response time. It's is important from the viewpoint of visitors as well as search engines (SEO).

Know if W3 Total Cache is Working

Learn how to tell if W3 Total Cache is working or not. Functioning & proper configuration of this WordPress plugin may improve performance of your website. Plugin's debug mode can help you know the status of caching.

Does WordPress Permalink Structure Affects Performance?

Learn if there is a correlation between WordPress permalink structure and the performance of WP based websites. There used to be concern about WordPress database search but the problem seem to have been solved in latest versions of WordPress.

Blog vs Website: Difference Between Website and Blog

Blog vs. Website is an important aspect in the realm of web development. It is important to understand the difference between blog and a website before you set out to create any of these. Learn the major differences and decide for yourself.

AskMe Mobile App: Ask It Anything!

AskMe mobile app for android devices is another app that you can use to post free classified ads and find business information on nearby outlets. The app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store.