Rapid Website Development

Learn about XAMPP, WordPress and MediaWiki as tools for rapidly developing websites. These tools enable you to make a good website in no time.

I am not seriously into PHP stuff. But it is a very good platform if you quickly want to come up with a dynamic website. It’s very easy and quick. Here are the tools that you could use:

1) XAMPP: It is a package of software that installs on your computer PHP, Apache HTTP Server and MySQL in a flash. From this package you can also choose to install FileZilla (an FTP client) and Mercury (a Mail Transport System). XAMPP will setup the whole server environment on your computer within minutes.

2) WordPress: WordPress is not just a blogging website. It is, in fact, a comprehensive platform for developing PHP based database driven websites. You can download WordPress and start building your website on it. Instead of creating “posts” (as bloggers do) you can create “pages” for your website. WordPress is highly customizable and loads of plug-ins are available to provide a variety of facilities on your webpages. By changing themes you can change the entire look-and-feel of your website in a jiffy.

3) MediaWiki: If you want to create a website where a community of users collaborate to develop the content -then MediaWiki is suitable for you (of course, there are other Wiki platforms available as well). MediaWiki is the platform that runs Wikipedia. You can download it and set it up (it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes) and your website is ready!… Just like WordPress, MediaWiki is also highly customizable and you can give your website a look that you like (meaning you are not bound to have a the Wikipedia-like interface)

Because both WordPress and MediaWiki are PHP based platforms. Though it is not necessary, if you have knowledge of PHP -it’s obviously even better.

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