Remove Admin, Control, Dashboard Bar in WordPress

Learn how to get rid of the Admin Bar that appears on top of your WordPress website when you are logged in.

When you are signed into your WordPress Dashboard and visit your website -a dark colored bar appears on top of the screen. This 28px high bar is called the Admin bar and it is meant for providing you with quick access to different parts of Admin panel right from your website.

This bar appears only to you and that too only when you are signed into Dashboard. But many people find it annoying because appearance of this bar sometimes make their page elements styled with position:absolute appear a bit out of place (28px to be precise!)

So, a number of people want to get rid of the Admin bar. Here are steps to do so:

  • Log into Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance > Editor
  • Open functions.php in editor
  • Add the following lines anywhere in functions.php

Save your changes and the Admin bar shall be gone!

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