Test Website Performance with Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed can analyze your website’s performance on the basis of well established performance rules. Use this tool to know why your website is acting slow.

Google Page Speed is an excellent tool for evaluating performance of your website. Yahoo! Has since long been providing a similar tool called Y!Slow. At present Page Speed is available for Firefox and Chrome browsers as extension.

You can install Page Speed from this link.

Page Speed works in Firefox in conjunction with Firebug. Installation of Firebug in Firefox is a pre-requisite for Page Speed. Once installed, Page Speed could be accessed as a tab in Firebug window.

Report prepared by Google Page Speed

In order to see performance of a page, take the following steps:

  • Browse to the page to be tested
  • Activate Firebug window
  • Go to “Page Speed” tab
  • Click Analyze Performance button
  • Page Speed will run rules to test performance of the page
  • Report will be displayed as shown in the above image