Download Hindi Fonts for Hindi Typing

Every person who types on computer in Hindi language needs Hindi fonts. With the arrival of Unicode, the need of legacy fonts has diminished. Still, we sometimes need to download Hindi fonts in our computer. For example, in the printing industry, Hindi fonts like Chanakya and Kruti Dev are still widely used. For online Hindi typing, however, more and more people are relying on Unicode fonts.

We have a large collection of various Hindi fonts. So, today, we decided to make these fonts available to you. We are putting only free Hindi fonts for download. Take you pick, download the font, install it in your computer and you're all set to begin typing! We also have a number of font converters that can convert legacy font into Unicode and vice versa.

Download Legacy Hindi Fonts

Download Hindi Fonts: KrutiDev Series

Kruti Dev (Devanagari: कृतिदेव), also spelled as Kritidev or Krutidev, is a legacy Devanagari font which became very popular both in printing as well as on Internet. Kruti Dev typing is often learnt by professional Hindi typists who look to enhance their skills by learning typing on computer. This font is free and uses Remington type-writer layout. Kruti Dev can be converted into Unicode text.

  1. Download Hindi Font: Kruti Dev 010: This is probably the most widely used Kruti Dev font. Most of the time you get Kruti Dev text in font number 010.
  2. Download Hindi Font: Kruti Dev 011
  3. Download Hindi Font: Kruti Dev 021: After 010, my personal favorite is Kruti Dev 021 because of its simplicity.

Download More Hindi Fonts!

There are a large number of old legacy Hindi fonts. Typing in Hindi on computer had begun way back in 1990s and people developed several Hindi fonts to suit their needs. Some of these fonts were more suitable for printing while the others were developed for use on computer and Internet. Shusha, for example, was a very popular Hindi font for Internet. Mrs. Purnima Varman used this very font to launch her famous Anubhuti and Abhivyakti web magazines.

  1. Download Hindi Font: Shusha (Plain, No. 2, No. 5)
  2. Download Rupee symbol font
Unicode Hindi Fonts

Download Mangal Font

Mangal is arguably the best known Unicode font for Hindi Devanagari. Mangal font was developed by C-DAC. There a team led by Prof. Raghunath K. Joshi developed the Mangal font. Later the 1.20 version of this font was adopted by Microsoft as the default font for Windows and MS-Office applications. Ever since Microsoft picked it up, Mangal font became ubiquitous and was available on millions of computers in India and abroad. For most of the people, typing in Hindi is synonymous with typing in Mangal font!

Mangal is a true type, Unicode and open source font. The total number of glyphs in Mangal font is 675. It is said that Prof. Joshi named the font after his wife's name. Mangal font played a very important role in revolutionizing the presence of Hindi content on Internet.

Other Unicode Fonts for Hindi

  1. Download Hindi Font: Aparajita (Normal, Bold, Italics and Bold-Italics): Aparajita font was developed by Modular Infotech and was liscenced to Microsoft Corporation. It is a Unicode, Open Type face.
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