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Calculating Date Difference

This TechWelkin tool calculates the difference between two given dates. It accepts a start date and an end date from you and outputs the number of days between these two dates. For your convenience, the number of days are also converted into years and months.

Date Difference. Find days between two dates.

Date difference tool is useful whenever you want to know how far apart two dates are. One of the practical uses of this tool is to calculate exact age of a person. To calculate age, you enter date of birth as the start date and current date as the end date. Then press Calculate Difference button and the tool will tell you the exact age in terms of years, months and days. You can also use this tool to know how far a particular event is in the future.

At present this tools supports input of 200 years in the past and 200 years in future. As a result, you can find difference among the dates spanning 400 years. Please do let us know if you face any problem with this tool. Thank you!

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