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We often required HTML symbols that can be used as a pointer. For such needs, what could then be better than arrows?! Unicode has a rich set of arrow symbols that can be easily used on HTML webpages. All you need is the code for the symbol that you want to display in your webpage. Following table gives you the codes for HTML arrow symbols.

Character Codes
Unicode U+02190
HTML  &#8592
Decimal 8592
Octal   20620
Hex   0x2190
UTF-8  0x2190
JS    %u2190
Unicode U+02191
HTML  &#8593
Decimal 8593
Octal   20621
Hex   0x2191
UTF-8  0x2191
JS    %u2191
Unicode U+02192
HTML  &#8594
Decimal 8594
Octal   20622
Hex   0x2192
UTF-8  0x2192
JS    %u2192
Unicode U+02193
HTML  &#8595
Decimal 8595
Octal   20623
Hex   0x2193
UTF-8  0x2193
JS    %u2193
Unicode U+02194
HTML  &#8596
Decimal 8596
Octal   20624
Hex   0x2194
UTF-8  0x2194
JS    %u2194
Unicode U+02195
HTML  &#8597
Decimal 8597
Octal   20625
Hex   0x2195
UTF-8  0x2195
JS    %u2195
Unicode U+02196
HTML  &#8598
Decimal 8598
Octal   20626
Hex   0x2196
UTF-8  0x2196
JS    %u2196
Unicode U+02197
HTML  &#8599
Decimal 8599
Octal   20627
Hex   0x2197
UTF-8  0x2197
JS    %u2197
Unicode U+02198
HTML  &#8600
Decimal 8600
Octal   20630
Hex   0x2198
UTF-8  0x2198
JS    %u2198
Unicode U+02199
HTML  &#8601
Decimal 8601
Octal   20631
Hex   0x2199
UTF-8  0x2199
JS    %u2199
Unicode U+0219a
HTML  &#8602
Decimal 8602
Octal   20632
Hex   0x219a
UTF-8  0x219a
JS    %u219a
Unicode U+0219b
HTML  &#8603
Decimal 8603
Octal   20633
Hex   0x219b
UTF-8  0x219b
JS    %u219b
Unicode U+0219c
HTML  &#8604
Decimal 8604
Octal   20634
Hex   0x219c
UTF-8  0x219c
JS    %u219c
Unicode U+0219d
HTML  &#8605
Decimal 8605
Octal   20635
Hex   0x219d
UTF-8  0x219d
JS    %u219d
Unicode U+0219e
HTML  &#8606
Decimal 8606
Octal   20636
Hex   0x219e
UTF-8  0x219e
JS    %u219e
Unicode U+0219f
HTML  &#8607
Decimal 8607
Octal   20637
Hex   0x219f
UTF-8  0x219f
JS    %u219f
Unicode U+021a0
HTML  &#8608
Decimal 8608
Octal   20640
Hex   0x21a0
UTF-8  0x21a0
JS    %u21a0
Unicode U+021a1
HTML  &#8609
Decimal 8609
Octal   20641
Hex   0x21a1
UTF-8  0x21a1
JS    %u21a1
Unicode U+021a2
HTML  &#8610
Decimal 8610
Octal   20642
Hex   0x21a2
UTF-8  0x21a2
JS    %u21a2
Unicode U+021a3
HTML  &#8611
Decimal 8611
Octal   20643
Hex   0x21a3
UTF-8  0x21a3
JS    %u21a3
Unicode U+021a4
HTML  &#8612
Decimal 8612
Octal   20644
Hex   0x21a4
UTF-8  0x21a4
JS    %u21a4
Unicode U+021a5
HTML  &#8613
Decimal 8613
Octal   20645
Hex   0x21a5
UTF-8  0x21a5
JS    %u21a5
Unicode U+021a6
HTML  &#8614
Decimal 8614
Octal   20646
Hex   0x21a6
UTF-8  0x21a6
JS    %u21a6
Unicode U+021a7
HTML  &#8615
Decimal 8615
Octal   20647
Hex   0x21a7
UTF-8  0x21a7
JS    %u21a7
Unicode U+021a8
HTML  &#8616
Decimal 8616
Octal   20650
Hex   0x21a8
UTF-8  0x21a8
JS    %u21a8
Unicode U+021a9
HTML  &#8617
Decimal 8617
Octal   20651
Hex   0x21a9
UTF-8  0x21a9
JS    %u21a9
Unicode U+021aa
HTML  &#8618
Decimal 8618
Octal   20652
Hex   0x21aa
UTF-8  0x21aa
JS    %u21aa
Unicode U+021ab
HTML  &#8619
Decimal 8619
Octal   20653
Hex   0x21ab
UTF-8  0x21ab
JS    %u21ab
Unicode U+021ac
HTML  &#8620
Decimal 8620
Octal   20654
Hex   0x21ac
UTF-8  0x21ac
JS    %u21ac
Unicode U+021ad
HTML  &#8621
Decimal 8621
Octal   20655
Hex   0x21ad
UTF-8  0x21ad
JS    %u21ad
Unicode U+021ae
HTML  &#8622
Decimal 8622
Octal   20656
Hex   0x21ae
UTF-8  0x21ae
JS    %u21ae
Unicode U+021af
HTML  &#8623
Decimal 8623
Octal   20657
Hex   0x21af
UTF-8  0x21af
JS    %u21af
Unicode U+021b0
HTML  &#8624
Decimal 8624
Octal   20660
Hex   0x21b0
UTF-8  0x21b0
JS    %u21b0
Unicode U+021b1
HTML  &#8625
Decimal 8625
Octal   20661
Hex   0x21b1
UTF-8  0x21b1
JS    %u21b1
Unicode U+021b2
HTML  &#8626
Decimal 8626
Octal   20662
Hex   0x21b2
UTF-8  0x21b2
JS    %u21b2
Unicode U+021b3
HTML  &#8627
Decimal 8627
Octal   20663
Hex   0x21b3
UTF-8  0x21b3
JS    %u21b3
Unicode U+021b4
HTML  &#8628
Decimal 8628
Octal   20664
Hex   0x21b4
UTF-8  0x21b4
JS    %u21b4
Unicode U+021b5
HTML  &#8629
Decimal 8629
Octal   20665
Hex   0x21b5
UTF-8  0x21b5
JS    %u21b5
Unicode U+021b6
HTML  &#8630
Decimal 8630
Octal   20666
Hex   0x21b6
UTF-8  0x21b6
JS    %u21b6
Unicode U+021b7
HTML  &#8631
Decimal 8631
Octal   20667
Hex   0x21b7
UTF-8  0x21b7
JS    %u21b7
Unicode U+021b8
HTML  &#8632
Decimal 8632
Octal   20670
Hex   0x21b8
UTF-8  0x21b8
JS    %u21b8
Unicode U+021b9
HTML  &#8633
Decimal 8633
Octal   20671
Hex   0x21b9
UTF-8  0x21b9
JS    %u21b9
Unicode U+021ba
HTML  &#8634
Decimal 8634
Octal   20672
Hex   0x21ba
UTF-8  0x21ba
JS    %u21ba
Unicode U+021bb
HTML  &#8635
Decimal 8635
Octal   20673
Hex   0x21bb
UTF-8  0x21bb
JS    %u21bb
Unicode U+021bc
HTML  &#8636
Decimal 8636
Octal   20674
Hex   0x21bc
UTF-8  0x21bc
JS    %u21bc
Unicode U+021bd
HTML  &#8637
Decimal 8637
Octal   20675
Hex   0x21bd
UTF-8  0x21bd
JS    %u21bd
Unicode U+021be
HTML  &#8638
Decimal 8638
Octal   20676
Hex   0x21be
UTF-8  0x21be
JS    %u21be
Unicode U+021bf
HTML  &#8639
Decimal 8639
Octal   20677
Hex   0x21bf
UTF-8  0x21bf
JS    %u21bf
Unicode U+021c0
HTML  &#8640
Decimal 8640
Octal   20700
Hex   0x21c0
UTF-8  0x21c0
JS    %u21c0
Unicode U+021c1
HTML  &#8641
Decimal 8641
Octal   20701
Hex   0x21c1
UTF-8  0x21c1
JS    %u21c1
Unicode U+021c2
HTML  &#8642
Decimal 8642
Octal   20702
Hex   0x21c2
UTF-8  0x21c2
JS    %u21c2
Unicode U+021c3
HTML  &#8643
Decimal 8643
Octal   20703
Hex   0x21c3
UTF-8  0x21c3
JS    %u21c3
Unicode U+021c4
HTML  &#8644
Decimal 8644
Octal   20704
Hex   0x21c4
UTF-8  0x21c4
JS    %u21c4
Unicode U+021c5
HTML  &#8645
Decimal 8645
Octal   20705
Hex   0x21c5
UTF-8  0x21c5
JS    %u21c5
Unicode U+021c6
HTML  &#8646
Decimal 8646
Octal   20706
Hex   0x21c6
UTF-8  0x21c6
JS    %u21c6
Unicode U+021c7
HTML  &#8647
Decimal 8647
Octal   20707
Hex   0x21c7
UTF-8  0x21c7
JS    %u21c7
Unicode U+021c8
HTML  &#8648
Decimal 8648
Octal   20710
Hex   0x21c8
UTF-8  0x21c8
JS    %u21c8
Unicode U+021c9
HTML  &#8649
Decimal 8649
Octal   20711
Hex   0x21c9
UTF-8  0x21c9
JS    %u21c9
Unicode U+021ca
HTML  &#8650
Decimal 8650
Octal   20712
Hex   0x21ca
UTF-8  0x21ca
JS    %u21ca
Unicode U+021cb
HTML  &#8651
Decimal 8651
Octal   20713
Hex   0x21cb
UTF-8  0x21cb
JS    %u21cb
Unicode U+021cc
HTML  &#8652
Decimal 8652
Octal   20714
Hex   0x21cc
UTF-8  0x21cc
JS    %u21cc
Unicode U+021cd
HTML  &#8653
Decimal 8653
Octal   20715
Hex   0x21cd
UTF-8  0x21cd
JS    %u21cd
Unicode U+021ce
HTML  &#8654
Decimal 8654
Octal   20716
Hex   0x21ce
UTF-8  0x21ce
JS    %u21ce
Unicode U+021cf
HTML  &#8655
Decimal 8655
Octal   20717
Hex   0x21cf
UTF-8  0x21cf
JS    %u21cf
Unicode U+021d0
HTML  &#8656
Decimal 8656
Octal   20720
Hex   0x21d0
UTF-8  0x21d0
JS    %u21d0
Unicode U+021d1
HTML  &#8657
Decimal 8657
Octal   20721
Hex   0x21d1
UTF-8  0x21d1
JS    %u21d1
Unicode U+021d2
HTML  &#8658
Decimal 8658
Octal   20722
Hex   0x21d2
UTF-8  0x21d2
JS    %u21d2
Unicode U+021d3
HTML  &#8659
Decimal 8659
Octal   20723
Hex   0x21d3
UTF-8  0x21d3
JS    %u21d3
Unicode U+021d4
HTML  &#8660
Decimal 8660
Octal   20724
Hex   0x21d4
UTF-8  0x21d4
JS    %u21d4
Unicode U+021d5
HTML  &#8661
Decimal 8661
Octal   20725
Hex   0x21d5
UTF-8  0x21d5
JS    %u21d5
Unicode U+021d6
HTML  &#8662
Decimal 8662
Octal   20726
Hex   0x21d6
UTF-8  0x21d6
JS    %u21d6
Unicode U+021d7
HTML  &#8663
Decimal 8663
Octal   20727
Hex   0x21d7
UTF-8  0x21d7
JS    %u21d7
Unicode U+021d8
HTML  &#8664
Decimal 8664
Octal   20730
Hex   0x21d8
UTF-8  0x21d8
JS    %u21d8
Unicode U+021d9
HTML  &#8665
Decimal 8665
Octal   20731
Hex   0x21d9
UTF-8  0x21d9
JS    %u21d9
Unicode U+021da
HTML  &#8666
Decimal 8666
Octal   20732
Hex   0x21da
UTF-8  0x21da
JS    %u21da
Unicode U+021db
HTML  &#8667
Decimal 8667
Octal   20733
Hex   0x21db
UTF-8  0x21db
JS    %u21db
Unicode U+021dc
HTML  &#8668
Decimal 8668
Octal   20734
Hex   0x21dc
UTF-8  0x21dc
JS    %u21dc
Unicode U+021dd
HTML  &#8669
Decimal 8669
Octal   20735
Hex   0x21dd
UTF-8  0x21dd
JS    %u21dd
Unicode U+021de
HTML  &#8670
Decimal 8670
Octal   20736
Hex   0x21de
UTF-8  0x21de
JS    %u21de
Unicode U+021df
HTML  &#8671
Decimal 8671
Octal   20737
Hex   0x21df
UTF-8  0x21df
JS    %u21df
Unicode U+021e0
HTML  &#8672
Decimal 8672
Octal   20740
Hex   0x21e0
UTF-8  0x21e0
JS    %u21e0
Unicode U+021e1
HTML  &#8673
Decimal 8673
Octal   20741
Hex   0x21e1
UTF-8  0x21e1
JS    %u21e1
Unicode U+021e2
HTML  &#8674
Decimal 8674
Octal   20742
Hex   0x21e2
UTF-8  0x21e2
JS    %u21e2
Unicode U+021e3
HTML  &#8675
Decimal 8675
Octal   20743
Hex   0x21e3
UTF-8  0x21e3
JS    %u21e3
Unicode U+021e4
HTML  &#8676
Decimal 8676
Octal   20744
Hex   0x21e4
UTF-8  0x21e4
JS    %u21e4
Unicode U+021e5
HTML  &#8677
Decimal 8677
Octal   20745
Hex   0x21e5
UTF-8  0x21e5
JS    %u21e5
Unicode U+021e6
HTML  &#8678
Decimal 8678
Octal   20746
Hex   0x21e6
UTF-8  0x21e6
JS    %u21e6
Unicode U+021e7
HTML  &#8679
Decimal 8679
Octal   20747
Hex   0x21e7
UTF-8  0x21e7
JS    %u21e7
Unicode U+021e8
HTML  &#8680
Decimal 8680
Octal   20750
Hex   0x21e8
UTF-8  0x21e8
JS    %u21e8
Unicode U+021e9
HTML  &#8681
Decimal 8681
Octal   20751
Hex   0x21e9
UTF-8  0x21e9
JS    %u21e9
Unicode U+021ea
HTML  &#8682
Decimal 8682
Octal   20752
Hex   0x21ea
UTF-8  0x21ea
JS    %u21ea
Unicode U+021eb
HTML  &#8683
Decimal 8683
Octal   20753
Hex   0x21eb
UTF-8  0x21eb
JS    %u21eb
Unicode U+021ec
HTML  &#8684
Decimal 8684
Octal   20754
Hex   0x21ec
UTF-8  0x21ec
JS    %u21ec
Unicode U+021ed
HTML  &#8685
Decimal 8685
Octal   20755
Hex   0x21ed
UTF-8  0x21ed
JS    %u21ed
Unicode U+021ee
HTML  &#8686
Decimal 8686
Octal   20756
Hex   0x21ee
UTF-8  0x21ee
JS    %u21ee
Unicode U+021ef
HTML  &#8687
Decimal 8687
Octal   20757
Hex   0x21ef
UTF-8  0x21ef
JS    %u21ef
Unicode U+021f0
HTML  &#8688
Decimal 8688
Octal   20760
Hex   0x21f0
UTF-8  0x21f0
JS    %u21f0
Unicode U+021f1
HTML  &#8689
Decimal 8689
Octal   20761
Hex   0x21f1
UTF-8  0x21f1
JS    %u21f1
Unicode U+021f2
HTML  &#8690
Decimal 8690
Octal   20762
Hex   0x21f2
UTF-8  0x21f2
JS    %u21f2
Unicode U+021f3
HTML  &#8691
Decimal 8691
Octal   20763
Hex   0x21f3
UTF-8  0x21f3
JS    %u21f3
Unicode U+021f4
HTML  &#8692
Decimal 8692
Octal   20764
Hex   0x21f4
UTF-8  0x21f4
JS    %u21f4
Unicode U+021f5
HTML  &#8693
Decimal 8693
Octal   20765
Hex   0x21f5
UTF-8  0x21f5
JS    %u21f5
Unicode U+021f6
HTML  &#8694
Decimal 8694
Octal   20766
Hex   0x21f6
UTF-8  0x21f6
JS    %u21f6
Unicode U+021f7
HTML  &#8695
Decimal 8695
Octal   20767
Hex   0x21f7
UTF-8  0x21f7
JS    %u21f7
Unicode U+021f8
HTML  &#8696
Decimal 8696
Octal   20770
Hex   0x21f8
UTF-8  0x21f8
JS    %u21f8
Unicode U+021f9
HTML  &#8697
Decimal 8697
Octal   20771
Hex   0x21f9
UTF-8  0x21f9
JS    %u21f9
Unicode U+021fa
HTML  &#8698
Decimal 8698
Octal   20772
Hex   0x21fa
UTF-8  0x21fa
JS    %u21fa
Unicode U+021fb
HTML  &#8699
Decimal 8699
Octal   20773
Hex   0x21fb
UTF-8  0x21fb
JS    %u21fb
Unicode U+021fc
HTML  &#8700
Decimal 8700
Octal   20774
Hex   0x21fc
UTF-8  0x21fc
JS    %u21fc
Unicode U+021fd
HTML  &#8701
Decimal 8701
Octal   20775
Hex   0x21fd
UTF-8  0x21fd
JS    %u21fd
Unicode U+021fe
HTML  &#8702
Decimal 8702
Octal   20776
Hex   0x21fe
UTF-8  0x21fe
JS    %u21fe
Unicode U+021ff
HTML  &#8703
Decimal 8703
Octal   20777
Hex   0x21ff
UTF-8  0x21ff
JS    %u21ff

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

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