Box Drawing HTML Symbols :: Codes for Stylish HTML Characters

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The following list of symbols can be used to create boxes in HMTL. These Unicode symbols are often used to create ASCII text art. Combining these symbols can produce complex textual images.

Character Codes
Box Drawing
Unicode U+02500
HTML  &#9472
Decimal 9472
Octal   22400
Hex   0x2500
UTF-8  0x2500
JS    %u2500
Unicode U+02501
HTML  &#9473
Decimal 9473
Octal   22401
Hex   0x2501
UTF-8  0x2501
JS    %u2501
Unicode U+02502
HTML  &#9474
Decimal 9474
Octal   22402
Hex   0x2502
UTF-8  0x2502
JS    %u2502
Unicode U+02503
HTML  &#9475
Decimal 9475
Octal   22403
Hex   0x2503
UTF-8  0x2503
JS    %u2503
Unicode U+02504
HTML  &#9476
Decimal 9476
Octal   22404
Hex   0x2504
UTF-8  0x2504
JS    %u2504
Unicode U+02505
HTML  &#9477
Decimal 9477
Octal   22405
Hex   0x2505
UTF-8  0x2505
JS    %u2505
Unicode U+02506
HTML  &#9478
Decimal 9478
Octal   22406
Hex   0x2506
UTF-8  0x2506
JS    %u2506
Unicode U+02507
HTML  &#9479
Decimal 9479
Octal   22407
Hex   0x2507
UTF-8  0x2507
JS    %u2507
Unicode U+02508
HTML  &#9480
Decimal 9480
Octal   22410
Hex   0x2508
UTF-8  0x2508
JS    %u2508
Unicode U+02509
HTML  &#9481
Decimal 9481
Octal   22411
Hex   0x2509
UTF-8  0x2509
JS    %u2509
Unicode U+0250a
HTML  &#9482
Decimal 9482
Octal   22412
Hex   0x250a
UTF-8  0x250a
JS    %u250a
Unicode U+0250b
HTML  &#9483
Decimal 9483
Octal   22413
Hex   0x250b
UTF-8  0x250b
JS    %u250b
Unicode U+0250c
HTML  &#9484
Decimal 9484
Octal   22414
Hex   0x250c
UTF-8  0x250c
JS    %u250c
Unicode U+0250d
HTML  &#9485
Decimal 9485
Octal   22415
Hex   0x250d
UTF-8  0x250d
JS    %u250d
Unicode U+0250e
HTML  &#9486
Decimal 9486
Octal   22416
Hex   0x250e
UTF-8  0x250e
JS    %u250e
Unicode U+0250f
HTML  &#9487
Decimal 9487
Octal   22417
Hex   0x250f
UTF-8  0x250f
JS    %u250f
Unicode U+02510
HTML  &#9488
Decimal 9488
Octal   22420
Hex   0x2510
UTF-8  0x2510
JS    %u2510
Unicode U+02511
HTML  &#9489
Decimal 9489
Octal   22421
Hex   0x2511
UTF-8  0x2511
JS    %u2511
Unicode U+02512
HTML  &#9490
Decimal 9490
Octal   22422
Hex   0x2512
UTF-8  0x2512
JS    %u2512
Unicode U+02513
HTML  &#9491
Decimal 9491
Octal   22423
Hex   0x2513
UTF-8  0x2513
JS    %u2513
Unicode U+02514
HTML  &#9492
Decimal 9492
Octal   22424
Hex   0x2514
UTF-8  0x2514
JS    %u2514
Unicode U+02515
HTML  &#9493
Decimal 9493
Octal   22425
Hex   0x2515
UTF-8  0x2515
JS    %u2515
Unicode U+02516
HTML  &#9494
Decimal 9494
Octal   22426
Hex   0x2516
UTF-8  0x2516
JS    %u2516
Unicode U+02517
HTML  &#9495
Decimal 9495
Octal   22427
Hex   0x2517
UTF-8  0x2517
JS    %u2517
Unicode U+02518
HTML  &#9496
Decimal 9496
Octal   22430
Hex   0x2518
UTF-8  0x2518
JS    %u2518
Unicode U+02519
HTML  &#9497
Decimal 9497
Octal   22431
Hex   0x2519
UTF-8  0x2519
JS    %u2519
Unicode U+0251a
HTML  &#9498
Decimal 9498
Octal   22432
Hex   0x251a
UTF-8  0x251a
JS    %u251a
Unicode U+0251b
HTML  &#9499
Decimal 9499
Octal   22433
Hex   0x251b
UTF-8  0x251b
JS    %u251b
Unicode U+0251c
HTML  &#9500
Decimal 9500
Octal   22434
Hex   0x251c
UTF-8  0x251c
JS    %u251c
Unicode U+0251d
HTML  &#9501
Decimal 9501
Octal   22435
Hex   0x251d
UTF-8  0x251d
JS    %u251d
Unicode U+0251e
HTML  &#9502
Decimal 9502
Octal   22436
Hex   0x251e
UTF-8  0x251e
JS    %u251e
Unicode U+0251f
HTML  &#9503
Decimal 9503
Octal   22437
Hex   0x251f
UTF-8  0x251f
JS    %u251f
Unicode U+02520
HTML  &#9504
Decimal 9504
Octal   22440
Hex   0x2520
UTF-8  0x2520
JS    %u2520
Unicode U+02521
HTML  &#9505
Decimal 9505
Octal   22441
Hex   0x2521
UTF-8  0x2521
JS    %u2521
Unicode U+02522
HTML  &#9506
Decimal 9506
Octal   22442
Hex   0x2522
UTF-8  0x2522
JS    %u2522
Unicode U+02523
HTML  &#9507
Decimal 9507
Octal   22443
Hex   0x2523
UTF-8  0x2523
JS    %u2523
Unicode U+02524
HTML  &#9508
Decimal 9508
Octal   22444
Hex   0x2524
UTF-8  0x2524
JS    %u2524
Unicode U+02525
HTML  &#9509
Decimal 9509
Octal   22445
Hex   0x2525
UTF-8  0x2525
JS    %u2525
Unicode U+02526
HTML  &#9510
Decimal 9510
Octal   22446
Hex   0x2526
UTF-8  0x2526
JS    %u2526
Unicode U+02527
HTML  &#9511
Decimal 9511
Octal   22447
Hex   0x2527
UTF-8  0x2527
JS    %u2527
Unicode U+02528
HTML  &#9512
Decimal 9512
Octal   22450
Hex   0x2528
UTF-8  0x2528
JS    %u2528
Unicode U+02529
HTML  &#9513
Decimal 9513
Octal   22451
Hex   0x2529
UTF-8  0x2529
JS    %u2529
Unicode U+0252a
HTML  &#9514
Decimal 9514
Octal   22452
Hex   0x252a
UTF-8  0x252a
JS    %u252a
Unicode U+0252b
HTML  &#9515
Decimal 9515
Octal   22453
Hex   0x252b
UTF-8  0x252b
JS    %u252b
Unicode U+0252c
HTML  &#9516
Decimal 9516
Octal   22454
Hex   0x252c
UTF-8  0x252c
JS    %u252c
Unicode U+0252d
HTML  &#9517
Decimal 9517
Octal   22455
Hex   0x252d
UTF-8  0x252d
JS    %u252d
Unicode U+0252e
HTML  &#9518
Decimal 9518
Octal   22456
Hex   0x252e
UTF-8  0x252e
JS    %u252e
Unicode U+0252f
HTML  &#9519
Decimal 9519
Octal   22457
Hex   0x252f
UTF-8  0x252f
JS    %u252f
Unicode U+02530
HTML  &#9520
Decimal 9520
Octal   22460
Hex   0x2530
UTF-8  0x2530
JS    %u2530
Unicode U+02531
HTML  &#9521
Decimal 9521
Octal   22461
Hex   0x2531
UTF-8  0x2531
JS    %u2531
Unicode U+02532
HTML  &#9522
Decimal 9522
Octal   22462
Hex   0x2532
UTF-8  0x2532
JS    %u2532
Unicode U+02533
HTML  &#9523
Decimal 9523
Octal   22463
Hex   0x2533
UTF-8  0x2533
JS    %u2533
Unicode U+02534
HTML  &#9524
Decimal 9524
Octal   22464
Hex   0x2534
UTF-8  0x2534
JS    %u2534
Unicode U+02535
HTML  &#9525
Decimal 9525
Octal   22465
Hex   0x2535
UTF-8  0x2535
JS    %u2535
Unicode U+02536
HTML  &#9526
Decimal 9526
Octal   22466
Hex   0x2536
UTF-8  0x2536
JS    %u2536
Unicode U+02537
HTML  &#9527
Decimal 9527
Octal   22467
Hex   0x2537
UTF-8  0x2537
JS    %u2537
Unicode U+02538
HTML  &#9528
Decimal 9528
Octal   22470
Hex   0x2538
UTF-8  0x2538
JS    %u2538
Unicode U+02539
HTML  &#9529
Decimal 9529
Octal   22471
Hex   0x2539
UTF-8  0x2539
JS    %u2539
Unicode U+0253a
HTML  &#9530
Decimal 9530
Octal   22472
Hex   0x253a
UTF-8  0x253a
JS    %u253a
Unicode U+0253b
HTML  &#9531
Decimal 9531
Octal   22473
Hex   0x253b
UTF-8  0x253b
JS    %u253b
Unicode U+0253c
HTML  &#9532
Decimal 9532
Octal   22474
Hex   0x253c
UTF-8  0x253c
JS    %u253c
Unicode U+0253d
HTML  &#9533
Decimal 9533
Octal   22475
Hex   0x253d
UTF-8  0x253d
JS    %u253d
Unicode U+0253e
HTML  &#9534
Decimal 9534
Octal   22476
Hex   0x253e
UTF-8  0x253e
JS    %u253e
Unicode U+0253f
HTML  &#9535
Decimal 9535
Octal   22477
Hex   0x253f
UTF-8  0x253f
JS    %u253f
Unicode U+02540
HTML  &#9536
Decimal 9536
Octal   22500
Hex   0x2540
UTF-8  0x2540
JS    %u2540
Unicode U+02541
HTML  &#9537
Decimal 9537
Octal   22501
Hex   0x2541
UTF-8  0x2541
JS    %u2541
Unicode U+02542
HTML  &#9538
Decimal 9538
Octal   22502
Hex   0x2542
UTF-8  0x2542
JS    %u2542
Unicode U+02543
HTML  &#9539
Decimal 9539
Octal   22503
Hex   0x2543
UTF-8  0x2543
JS    %u2543
Unicode U+02544
HTML  &#9540
Decimal 9540
Octal   22504
Hex   0x2544
UTF-8  0x2544
JS    %u2544
Unicode U+02545
HTML  &#9541
Decimal 9541
Octal   22505
Hex   0x2545
UTF-8  0x2545
JS    %u2545
Unicode U+02546
HTML  &#9542
Decimal 9542
Octal   22506
Hex   0x2546
UTF-8  0x2546
JS    %u2546
Unicode U+02547
HTML  &#9543
Decimal 9543
Octal   22507
Hex   0x2547
UTF-8  0x2547
JS    %u2547
Unicode U+02548
HTML  &#9544
Decimal 9544
Octal   22510
Hex   0x2548
UTF-8  0x2548
JS    %u2548
Unicode U+02549
HTML  &#9545
Decimal 9545
Octal   22511
Hex   0x2549
UTF-8  0x2549
JS    %u2549
Unicode U+0254a
HTML  &#9546
Decimal 9546
Octal   22512
Hex   0x254a
UTF-8  0x254a
JS    %u254a
Unicode U+0254b
HTML  &#9547
Decimal 9547
Octal   22513
Hex   0x254b
UTF-8  0x254b
JS    %u254b
Unicode U+0254c
HTML  &#9548
Decimal 9548
Octal   22514
Hex   0x254c
UTF-8  0x254c
JS    %u254c
Unicode U+0254d
HTML  &#9549
Decimal 9549
Octal   22515
Hex   0x254d
UTF-8  0x254d
JS    %u254d
Unicode U+0254e
HTML  &#9550
Decimal 9550
Octal   22516
Hex   0x254e
UTF-8  0x254e
JS    %u254e
Unicode U+0254f
HTML  &#9551
Decimal 9551
Octal   22517
Hex   0x254f
UTF-8  0x254f
JS    %u254f
Unicode U+02550
HTML  &#9552
Decimal 9552
Octal   22520
Hex   0x2550
UTF-8  0x2550
JS    %u2550
Unicode U+02551
HTML  &#9553
Decimal 9553
Octal   22521
Hex   0x2551
UTF-8  0x2551
JS    %u2551
Unicode U+02552
HTML  &#9554
Decimal 9554
Octal   22522
Hex   0x2552
UTF-8  0x2552
JS    %u2552
Unicode U+02553
HTML  &#9555
Decimal 9555
Octal   22523
Hex   0x2553
UTF-8  0x2553
JS    %u2553
Unicode U+02554
HTML  &#9556
Decimal 9556
Octal   22524
Hex   0x2554
UTF-8  0x2554
JS    %u2554
Unicode U+02555
HTML  &#9557
Decimal 9557
Octal   22525
Hex   0x2555
UTF-8  0x2555
JS    %u2555
Unicode U+02556
HTML  &#9558
Decimal 9558
Octal   22526
Hex   0x2556
UTF-8  0x2556
JS    %u2556
Unicode U+02557
HTML  &#9559
Decimal 9559
Octal   22527
Hex   0x2557
UTF-8  0x2557
JS    %u2557
Unicode U+02558
HTML  &#9560
Decimal 9560
Octal   22530
Hex   0x2558
UTF-8  0x2558
JS    %u2558
Unicode U+02559
HTML  &#9561
Decimal 9561
Octal   22531
Hex   0x2559
UTF-8  0x2559
JS    %u2559
Unicode U+0255a
HTML  &#9562
Decimal 9562
Octal   22532
Hex   0x255a
UTF-8  0x255a
JS    %u255a
Unicode U+0255b
HTML  &#9563
Decimal 9563
Octal   22533
Hex   0x255b
UTF-8  0x255b
JS    %u255b
Unicode U+0255c
HTML  &#9564
Decimal 9564
Octal   22534
Hex   0x255c
UTF-8  0x255c
JS    %u255c
Unicode U+0255d
HTML  &#9565
Decimal 9565
Octal   22535
Hex   0x255d
UTF-8  0x255d
JS    %u255d
Unicode U+0255e
HTML  &#9566
Decimal 9566
Octal   22536
Hex   0x255e
UTF-8  0x255e
JS    %u255e
Unicode U+0255f
HTML  &#9567
Decimal 9567
Octal   22537
Hex   0x255f
UTF-8  0x255f
JS    %u255f
Unicode U+02560
HTML  &#9568
Decimal 9568
Octal   22540
Hex   0x2560
UTF-8  0x2560
JS    %u2560
Unicode U+02561
HTML  &#9569
Decimal 9569
Octal   22541
Hex   0x2561
UTF-8  0x2561
JS    %u2561
Unicode U+02562
HTML  &#9570
Decimal 9570
Octal   22542
Hex   0x2562
UTF-8  0x2562
JS    %u2562
Unicode U+02563
HTML  &#9571
Decimal 9571
Octal   22543
Hex   0x2563
UTF-8  0x2563
JS    %u2563
Unicode U+02564
HTML  &#9572
Decimal 9572
Octal   22544
Hex   0x2564
UTF-8  0x2564
JS    %u2564
Unicode U+02565
HTML  &#9573
Decimal 9573
Octal   22545
Hex   0x2565
UTF-8  0x2565
JS    %u2565
Unicode U+02566
HTML  &#9574
Decimal 9574
Octal   22546
Hex   0x2566
UTF-8  0x2566
JS    %u2566
Unicode U+02567
HTML  &#9575
Decimal 9575
Octal   22547
Hex   0x2567
UTF-8  0x2567
JS    %u2567
Unicode U+02568
HTML  &#9576
Decimal 9576
Octal   22550
Hex   0x2568
UTF-8  0x2568
JS    %u2568
Unicode U+02569
HTML  &#9577
Decimal 9577
Octal   22551
Hex   0x2569
UTF-8  0x2569
JS    %u2569
Unicode U+0256a
HTML  &#9578
Decimal 9578
Octal   22552
Hex   0x256a
UTF-8  0x256a
JS    %u256a
Unicode U+0256b
HTML  &#9579
Decimal 9579
Octal   22553
Hex   0x256b
UTF-8  0x256b
JS    %u256b
Unicode U+0256c
HTML  &#9580
Decimal 9580
Octal   22554
Hex   0x256c
UTF-8  0x256c
JS    %u256c
Unicode U+0256d
HTML  &#9581
Decimal 9581
Octal   22555
Hex   0x256d
UTF-8  0x256d
JS    %u256d
Unicode U+0256e
HTML  &#9582
Decimal 9582
Octal   22556
Hex   0x256e
UTF-8  0x256e
JS    %u256e
Unicode U+0256f
HTML  &#9583
Decimal 9583
Octal   22557
Hex   0x256f
UTF-8  0x256f
JS    %u256f
Unicode U+02570
HTML  &#9584
Decimal 9584
Octal   22560
Hex   0x2570
UTF-8  0x2570
JS    %u2570
Unicode U+02571
HTML  &#9585
Decimal 9585
Octal   22561
Hex   0x2571
UTF-8  0x2571
JS    %u2571
Unicode U+02572
HTML  &#9586
Decimal 9586
Octal   22562
Hex   0x2572
UTF-8  0x2572
JS    %u2572
Unicode U+02573
HTML  &#9587
Decimal 9587
Octal   22563
Hex   0x2573
UTF-8  0x2573
JS    %u2573
Unicode U+02574
HTML  &#9588
Decimal 9588
Octal   22564
Hex   0x2574
UTF-8  0x2574
JS    %u2574
Unicode U+02575
HTML  &#9589
Decimal 9589
Octal   22565
Hex   0x2575
UTF-8  0x2575
JS    %u2575
Unicode U+02576
HTML  &#9590
Decimal 9590
Octal   22566
Hex   0x2576
UTF-8  0x2576
JS    %u2576
Unicode U+02577
HTML  &#9591
Decimal 9591
Octal   22567
Hex   0x2577
UTF-8  0x2577
JS    %u2577
Unicode U+02578
HTML  &#9592
Decimal 9592
Octal   22570
Hex   0x2578
UTF-8  0x2578
JS    %u2578
Unicode U+02579
HTML  &#9593
Decimal 9593
Octal   22571
Hex   0x2579
UTF-8  0x2579
JS    %u2579
Unicode U+0257a
HTML  &#9594
Decimal 9594
Octal   22572
Hex   0x257a
UTF-8  0x257a
JS    %u257a
Unicode U+0257b
HTML  &#9595
Decimal 9595
Octal   22573
Hex   0x257b
UTF-8  0x257b
JS    %u257b
Unicode U+0257c
HTML  &#9596
Decimal 9596
Octal   22574
Hex   0x257c
UTF-8  0x257c
JS    %u257c
Unicode U+0257d
HTML  &#9597
Decimal 9597
Octal   22575
Hex   0x257d
UTF-8  0x257d
JS    %u257d
Unicode U+0257e
HTML  &#9598
Decimal 9598
Octal   22576
Hex   0x257e
UTF-8  0x257e
JS    %u257e
Unicode U+0257f
HTML  &#9599
Decimal 9599
Octal   22577
Hex   0x257f
UTF-8  0x257f
JS    %u257f

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

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