Dingbat HTML Symbols :: Codes for Stylish HTML Characters

Often times you see stylish fancy HTML symbols on webpages. These symbols actually look like HTML text icons and can easily be used in place of a PNG image. Because these are text symbols, you have full control on their color and size. You can use CSS to alter the color and size of these HTML text symbols. These symbols include icons for scissors, stars, flowers, pencils, numbers, arrows and leaves etc. Following table gives you these symbols as well as codes for displaying them on your webpage.

Character Codes
Unicode U+02700
HTML  &#9984
Decimal 9984
Octal   23400
Hex   0x2700
UTF-8  0x2700
JS    %u2700
Unicode U+02701
HTML  &#9985
Decimal 9985
Octal   23401
Hex   0x2701
UTF-8  0x2701
JS    %u2701
Unicode U+02702
HTML  &#9986
Decimal 9986
Octal   23402
Hex   0x2702
UTF-8  0x2702
JS    %u2702
Unicode U+02703
HTML  &#9987
Decimal 9987
Octal   23403
Hex   0x2703
UTF-8  0x2703
JS    %u2703
Unicode U+02704
HTML  &#9988
Decimal 9988
Octal   23404
Hex   0x2704
UTF-8  0x2704
JS    %u2704
Unicode U+02705
HTML  &#9989
Decimal 9989
Octal   23405
Hex   0x2705
UTF-8  0x2705
JS    %u2705
Unicode U+02706
HTML  &#9990
Decimal 9990
Octal   23406
Hex   0x2706
UTF-8  0x2706
JS    %u2706
Unicode U+02707
HTML  &#9991
Decimal 9991
Octal   23407
Hex   0x2707
UTF-8  0x2707
JS    %u2707
Unicode U+02708
HTML  &#9992
Decimal 9992
Octal   23410
Hex   0x2708
UTF-8  0x2708
JS    %u2708
Unicode U+02709
HTML  &#9993
Decimal 9993
Octal   23411
Hex   0x2709
UTF-8  0x2709
JS    %u2709
Unicode U+0270a
HTML  &#9994
Decimal 9994
Octal   23412
Hex   0x270a
UTF-8  0x270a
JS    %u270a
Unicode U+0270b
HTML  &#9995
Decimal 9995
Octal   23413
Hex   0x270b
UTF-8  0x270b
JS    %u270b
Unicode U+0270c
HTML  &#9996
Decimal 9996
Octal   23414
Hex   0x270c
UTF-8  0x270c
JS    %u270c
Unicode U+0270d
HTML  &#9997
Decimal 9997
Octal   23415
Hex   0x270d
UTF-8  0x270d
JS    %u270d
Unicode U+0270e
HTML  &#9998
Decimal 9998
Octal   23416
Hex   0x270e
UTF-8  0x270e
JS    %u270e
Unicode U+0270f
HTML  &#9999
Decimal 9999
Octal   23417
Hex   0x270f
UTF-8  0x270f
JS    %u270f
Unicode U+02710
HTML  &#10000
Decimal 10000
Octal   23420
Hex   0x2710
UTF-8  0x2710
JS    %u2710
Unicode U+02711
HTML  &#10001
Decimal 10001
Octal   23421
Hex   0x2711
UTF-8  0x2711
JS    %u2711
Unicode U+02712
HTML  &#10002
Decimal 10002
Octal   23422
Hex   0x2712
UTF-8  0x2712
JS    %u2712
Unicode U+02713
HTML  &#10003
Decimal 10003
Octal   23423
Hex   0x2713
UTF-8  0x2713
JS    %u2713
Unicode U+02714
HTML  &#10004
Decimal 10004
Octal   23424
Hex   0x2714
UTF-8  0x2714
JS    %u2714
Unicode U+02715
HTML  &#10005
Decimal 10005
Octal   23425
Hex   0x2715
UTF-8  0x2715
JS    %u2715
Unicode U+02716
HTML  &#10006
Decimal 10006
Octal   23426
Hex   0x2716
UTF-8  0x2716
JS    %u2716
Unicode U+02717
HTML  &#10007
Decimal 10007
Octal   23427
Hex   0x2717
UTF-8  0x2717
JS    %u2717
Unicode U+02718
HTML  &#10008
Decimal 10008
Octal   23430
Hex   0x2718
UTF-8  0x2718
JS    %u2718
Unicode U+02719
HTML  &#10009
Decimal 10009
Octal   23431
Hex   0x2719
UTF-8  0x2719
JS    %u2719
Unicode U+0271a
HTML  &#10010
Decimal 10010
Octal   23432
Hex   0x271a
UTF-8  0x271a
JS    %u271a
Unicode U+0271b
HTML  &#10011
Decimal 10011
Octal   23433
Hex   0x271b
UTF-8  0x271b
JS    %u271b
Unicode U+0271c
HTML  &#10012
Decimal 10012
Octal   23434
Hex   0x271c
UTF-8  0x271c
JS    %u271c
Unicode U+0271d
HTML  &#10013
Decimal 10013
Octal   23435
Hex   0x271d
UTF-8  0x271d
JS    %u271d
Unicode U+0271e
HTML  &#10014
Decimal 10014
Octal   23436
Hex   0x271e
UTF-8  0x271e
JS    %u271e
Unicode U+0271f
HTML  &#10015
Decimal 10015
Octal   23437
Hex   0x271f
UTF-8  0x271f
JS    %u271f
Unicode U+02720
HTML  &#10016
Decimal 10016
Octal   23440
Hex   0x2720
UTF-8  0x2720
JS    %u2720
Unicode U+02721
HTML  &#10017
Decimal 10017
Octal   23441
Hex   0x2721
UTF-8  0x2721
JS    %u2721
Unicode U+02722
HTML  &#10018
Decimal 10018
Octal   23442
Hex   0x2722
UTF-8  0x2722
JS    %u2722
Unicode U+02723
HTML  &#10019
Decimal 10019
Octal   23443
Hex   0x2723
UTF-8  0x2723
JS    %u2723
Unicode U+02724
HTML  &#10020
Decimal 10020
Octal   23444
Hex   0x2724
UTF-8  0x2724
JS    %u2724
Unicode U+02725
HTML  &#10021
Decimal 10021
Octal   23445
Hex   0x2725
UTF-8  0x2725
JS    %u2725
Unicode U+02726
HTML  &#10022
Decimal 10022
Octal   23446
Hex   0x2726
UTF-8  0x2726
JS    %u2726
Unicode U+02727
HTML  &#10023
Decimal 10023
Octal   23447
Hex   0x2727
UTF-8  0x2727
JS    %u2727
Unicode U+02728
HTML  &#10024
Decimal 10024
Octal   23450
Hex   0x2728
UTF-8  0x2728
JS    %u2728
Unicode U+02729
HTML  &#10025
Decimal 10025
Octal   23451
Hex   0x2729
UTF-8  0x2729
JS    %u2729
Unicode U+0272a
HTML  &#10026
Decimal 10026
Octal   23452
Hex   0x272a
UTF-8  0x272a
JS    %u272a
Unicode U+0272b
HTML  &#10027
Decimal 10027
Octal   23453
Hex   0x272b
UTF-8  0x272b
JS    %u272b
Unicode U+0272c
HTML  &#10028
Decimal 10028
Octal   23454
Hex   0x272c
UTF-8  0x272c
JS    %u272c
Unicode U+0272d
HTML  &#10029
Decimal 10029
Octal   23455
Hex   0x272d
UTF-8  0x272d
JS    %u272d
Unicode U+0272e
HTML  &#10030
Decimal 10030
Octal   23456
Hex   0x272e
UTF-8  0x272e
JS    %u272e
Unicode U+0272f
HTML  &#10031
Decimal 10031
Octal   23457
Hex   0x272f
UTF-8  0x272f
JS    %u272f
Unicode U+02730
HTML  &#10032
Decimal 10032
Octal   23460
Hex   0x2730
UTF-8  0x2730
JS    %u2730
Unicode U+02731
HTML  &#10033
Decimal 10033
Octal   23461
Hex   0x2731
UTF-8  0x2731
JS    %u2731
Unicode U+02732
HTML  &#10034
Decimal 10034
Octal   23462
Hex   0x2732
UTF-8  0x2732
JS    %u2732
Unicode U+02733
HTML  &#10035
Decimal 10035
Octal   23463
Hex   0x2733
UTF-8  0x2733
JS    %u2733
Unicode U+02734
HTML  &#10036
Decimal 10036
Octal   23464
Hex   0x2734
UTF-8  0x2734
JS    %u2734
Unicode U+02735
HTML  &#10037
Decimal 10037
Octal   23465
Hex   0x2735
UTF-8  0x2735
JS    %u2735
Unicode U+02736
HTML  &#10038
Decimal 10038
Octal   23466
Hex   0x2736
UTF-8  0x2736
JS    %u2736
Unicode U+02737
HTML  &#10039
Decimal 10039
Octal   23467
Hex   0x2737
UTF-8  0x2737
JS    %u2737
Unicode U+02738
HTML  &#10040
Decimal 10040
Octal   23470
Hex   0x2738
UTF-8  0x2738
JS    %u2738
Unicode U+02739
HTML  &#10041
Decimal 10041
Octal   23471
Hex   0x2739
UTF-8  0x2739
JS    %u2739
Unicode U+0273a
HTML  &#10042
Decimal 10042
Octal   23472
Hex   0x273a
UTF-8  0x273a
JS    %u273a
Unicode U+0273b
HTML  &#10043
Decimal 10043
Octal   23473
Hex   0x273b
UTF-8  0x273b
JS    %u273b
Unicode U+0273c
HTML  &#10044
Decimal 10044
Octal   23474
Hex   0x273c
UTF-8  0x273c
JS    %u273c
Unicode U+0273d
HTML  &#10045
Decimal 10045
Octal   23475
Hex   0x273d
UTF-8  0x273d
JS    %u273d
Unicode U+0273e
HTML  &#10046
Decimal 10046
Octal   23476
Hex   0x273e
UTF-8  0x273e
JS    %u273e
Unicode U+0273f
HTML  &#10047
Decimal 10047
Octal   23477
Hex   0x273f
UTF-8  0x273f
JS    %u273f
Unicode U+02740
HTML  &#10048
Decimal 10048
Octal   23500
Hex   0x2740
UTF-8  0x2740
JS    %u2740
Unicode U+02741
HTML  &#10049
Decimal 10049
Octal   23501
Hex   0x2741
UTF-8  0x2741
JS    %u2741
Unicode U+02742
HTML  &#10050
Decimal 10050
Octal   23502
Hex   0x2742
UTF-8  0x2742
JS    %u2742
Unicode U+02743
HTML  &#10051
Decimal 10051
Octal   23503
Hex   0x2743
UTF-8  0x2743
JS    %u2743
Unicode U+02744
HTML  &#10052
Decimal 10052
Octal   23504
Hex   0x2744
UTF-8  0x2744
JS    %u2744
Unicode U+02745
HTML  &#10053
Decimal 10053
Octal   23505
Hex   0x2745
UTF-8  0x2745
JS    %u2745
Unicode U+02746
HTML  &#10054
Decimal 10054
Octal   23506
Hex   0x2746
UTF-8  0x2746
JS    %u2746
Unicode U+02747
HTML  &#10055
Decimal 10055
Octal   23507
Hex   0x2747
UTF-8  0x2747
JS    %u2747
Unicode U+02748
HTML  &#10056
Decimal 10056
Octal   23510
Hex   0x2748
UTF-8  0x2748
JS    %u2748
Unicode U+02749
HTML  &#10057
Decimal 10057
Octal   23511
Hex   0x2749
UTF-8  0x2749
JS    %u2749
Unicode U+0274a
HTML  &#10058
Decimal 10058
Octal   23512
Hex   0x274a
UTF-8  0x274a
JS    %u274a
Unicode U+0274b
HTML  &#10059
Decimal 10059
Octal   23513
Hex   0x274b
UTF-8  0x274b
JS    %u274b
Unicode U+0274c
HTML  &#10060
Decimal 10060
Octal   23514
Hex   0x274c
UTF-8  0x274c
JS    %u274c
Unicode U+0274d
HTML  &#10061
Decimal 10061
Octal   23515
Hex   0x274d
UTF-8  0x274d
JS    %u274d
Unicode U+0274e
HTML  &#10062
Decimal 10062
Octal   23516
Hex   0x274e
UTF-8  0x274e
JS    %u274e
Unicode U+0274f
HTML  &#10063
Decimal 10063
Octal   23517
Hex   0x274f
UTF-8  0x274f
JS    %u274f
Unicode U+02750
HTML  &#10064
Decimal 10064
Octal   23520
Hex   0x2750
UTF-8  0x2750
JS    %u2750
Unicode U+02751
HTML  &#10065
Decimal 10065
Octal   23521
Hex   0x2751
UTF-8  0x2751
JS    %u2751
Unicode U+02752
HTML  &#10066
Decimal 10066
Octal   23522
Hex   0x2752
UTF-8  0x2752
JS    %u2752
Unicode U+02753
HTML  &#10067
Decimal 10067
Octal   23523
Hex   0x2753
UTF-8  0x2753
JS    %u2753
Unicode U+02754
HTML  &#10068
Decimal 10068
Octal   23524
Hex   0x2754
UTF-8  0x2754
JS    %u2754
Unicode U+02755
HTML  &#10069
Decimal 10069
Octal   23525
Hex   0x2755
UTF-8  0x2755
JS    %u2755
Unicode U+02756
HTML  &#10070
Decimal 10070
Octal   23526
Hex   0x2756
UTF-8  0x2756
JS    %u2756
Unicode U+02757
HTML  &#10071
Decimal 10071
Octal   23527
Hex   0x2757
UTF-8  0x2757
JS    %u2757
Unicode U+02758
HTML  &#10072
Decimal 10072
Octal   23530
Hex   0x2758
UTF-8  0x2758
JS    %u2758
Unicode U+02759
HTML  &#10073
Decimal 10073
Octal   23531
Hex   0x2759
UTF-8  0x2759
JS    %u2759
Unicode U+0275a
HTML  &#10074
Decimal 10074
Octal   23532
Hex   0x275a
UTF-8  0x275a
JS    %u275a
Unicode U+0275b
HTML  &#10075
Decimal 10075
Octal   23533
Hex   0x275b
UTF-8  0x275b
JS    %u275b
Unicode U+0275c
HTML  &#10076
Decimal 10076
Octal   23534
Hex   0x275c
UTF-8  0x275c
JS    %u275c
Unicode U+0275d
HTML  &#10077
Decimal 10077
Octal   23535
Hex   0x275d
UTF-8  0x275d
JS    %u275d
Unicode U+0275e
HTML  &#10078
Decimal 10078
Octal   23536
Hex   0x275e
UTF-8  0x275e
JS    %u275e
Unicode U+0275f
HTML  &#10079
Decimal 10079
Octal   23537
Hex   0x275f
UTF-8  0x275f
JS    %u275f
Unicode U+02760
HTML  &#10080
Decimal 10080
Octal   23540
Hex   0x2760
UTF-8  0x2760
JS    %u2760
Unicode U+02761
HTML  &#10081
Decimal 10081
Octal   23541
Hex   0x2761
UTF-8  0x2761
JS    %u2761
Unicode U+02762
HTML  &#10082
Decimal 10082
Octal   23542
Hex   0x2762
UTF-8  0x2762
JS    %u2762
Unicode U+02763
HTML  &#10083
Decimal 10083
Octal   23543
Hex   0x2763
UTF-8  0x2763
JS    %u2763
Unicode U+02764
HTML  &#10084
Decimal 10084
Octal   23544
Hex   0x2764
UTF-8  0x2764
JS    %u2764
Unicode U+02765
HTML  &#10085
Decimal 10085
Octal   23545
Hex   0x2765
UTF-8  0x2765
JS    %u2765
Unicode U+02766
HTML  &#10086
Decimal 10086
Octal   23546
Hex   0x2766
UTF-8  0x2766
JS    %u2766
Unicode U+02767
HTML  &#10087
Decimal 10087
Octal   23547
Hex   0x2767
UTF-8  0x2767
JS    %u2767
Unicode U+02768
HTML  &#10088
Decimal 10088
Octal   23550
Hex   0x2768
UTF-8  0x2768
JS    %u2768
Unicode U+02769
HTML  &#10089
Decimal 10089
Octal   23551
Hex   0x2769
UTF-8  0x2769
JS    %u2769
Unicode U+0276a
HTML  &#10090
Decimal 10090
Octal   23552
Hex   0x276a
UTF-8  0x276a
JS    %u276a
Unicode U+0276b
HTML  &#10091
Decimal 10091
Octal   23553
Hex   0x276b
UTF-8  0x276b
JS    %u276b
Unicode U+0276c
HTML  &#10092
Decimal 10092
Octal   23554
Hex   0x276c
UTF-8  0x276c
JS    %u276c
Unicode U+0276d
HTML  &#10093
Decimal 10093
Octal   23555
Hex   0x276d
UTF-8  0x276d
JS    %u276d
Unicode U+0276e
HTML  &#10094
Decimal 10094
Octal   23556
Hex   0x276e
UTF-8  0x276e
JS    %u276e
Unicode U+0276f
HTML  &#10095
Decimal 10095
Octal   23557
Hex   0x276f
UTF-8  0x276f
JS    %u276f
Unicode U+02770
HTML  &#10096
Decimal 10096
Octal   23560
Hex   0x2770
UTF-8  0x2770
JS    %u2770
Unicode U+02771
HTML  &#10097
Decimal 10097
Octal   23561
Hex   0x2771
UTF-8  0x2771
JS    %u2771
Unicode U+02772
HTML  &#10098
Decimal 10098
Octal   23562
Hex   0x2772
UTF-8  0x2772
JS    %u2772
Unicode U+02773
HTML  &#10099
Decimal 10099
Octal   23563
Hex   0x2773
UTF-8  0x2773
JS    %u2773
Unicode U+02774
HTML  &#10100
Decimal 10100
Octal   23564
Hex   0x2774
UTF-8  0x2774
JS    %u2774
Unicode U+02775
HTML  &#10101
Decimal 10101
Octal   23565
Hex   0x2775
UTF-8  0x2775
JS    %u2775
Unicode U+02776
HTML  &#10102
Decimal 10102
Octal   23566
Hex   0x2776
UTF-8  0x2776
JS    %u2776
Unicode U+02777
HTML  &#10103
Decimal 10103
Octal   23567
Hex   0x2777
UTF-8  0x2777
JS    %u2777
Unicode U+02778
HTML  &#10104
Decimal 10104
Octal   23570
Hex   0x2778
UTF-8  0x2778
JS    %u2778
Unicode U+02779
HTML  &#10105
Decimal 10105
Octal   23571
Hex   0x2779
UTF-8  0x2779
JS    %u2779
Unicode U+0277a
HTML  &#10106
Decimal 10106
Octal   23572
Hex   0x277a
UTF-8  0x277a
JS    %u277a
Unicode U+0277b
HTML  &#10107
Decimal 10107
Octal   23573
Hex   0x277b
UTF-8  0x277b
JS    %u277b
Unicode U+0277c
HTML  &#10108
Decimal 10108
Octal   23574
Hex   0x277c
UTF-8  0x277c
JS    %u277c
Unicode U+0277d
HTML  &#10109
Decimal 10109
Octal   23575
Hex   0x277d
UTF-8  0x277d
JS    %u277d
Unicode U+0277e
HTML  &#10110
Decimal 10110
Octal   23576
Hex   0x277e
UTF-8  0x277e
JS    %u277e
Unicode U+0277f
HTML  &#10111
Decimal 10111
Octal   23577
Hex   0x277f
UTF-8  0x277f
JS    %u277f
Unicode U+02780
HTML  &#10112
Decimal 10112
Octal   23600
Hex   0x2780
UTF-8  0x2780
JS    %u2780
Unicode U+02781
HTML  &#10113
Decimal 10113
Octal   23601
Hex   0x2781
UTF-8  0x2781
JS    %u2781
Unicode U+02782
HTML  &#10114
Decimal 10114
Octal   23602
Hex   0x2782
UTF-8  0x2782
JS    %u2782
Unicode U+02783
HTML  &#10115
Decimal 10115
Octal   23603
Hex   0x2783
UTF-8  0x2783
JS    %u2783
Unicode U+02784
HTML  &#10116
Decimal 10116
Octal   23604
Hex   0x2784
UTF-8  0x2784
JS    %u2784
Unicode U+02785
HTML  &#10117
Decimal 10117
Octal   23605
Hex   0x2785
UTF-8  0x2785
JS    %u2785
Unicode U+02786
HTML  &#10118
Decimal 10118
Octal   23606
Hex   0x2786
UTF-8  0x2786
JS    %u2786
Unicode U+02787
HTML  &#10119
Decimal 10119
Octal   23607
Hex   0x2787
UTF-8  0x2787
JS    %u2787
Unicode U+02788
HTML  &#10120
Decimal 10120
Octal   23610
Hex   0x2788
UTF-8  0x2788
JS    %u2788
Unicode U+02789
HTML  &#10121
Decimal 10121
Octal   23611
Hex   0x2789
UTF-8  0x2789
JS    %u2789
Unicode U+0278a
HTML  &#10122
Decimal 10122
Octal   23612
Hex   0x278a
UTF-8  0x278a
JS    %u278a
Unicode U+0278b
HTML  &#10123
Decimal 10123
Octal   23613
Hex   0x278b
UTF-8  0x278b
JS    %u278b
Unicode U+0278c
HTML  &#10124
Decimal 10124
Octal   23614
Hex   0x278c
UTF-8  0x278c
JS    %u278c
Unicode U+0278d
HTML  &#10125
Decimal 10125
Octal   23615
Hex   0x278d
UTF-8  0x278d
JS    %u278d
Unicode U+0278e
HTML  &#10126
Decimal 10126
Octal   23616
Hex   0x278e
UTF-8  0x278e
JS    %u278e
Unicode U+0278f
HTML  &#10127
Decimal 10127
Octal   23617
Hex   0x278f
UTF-8  0x278f
JS    %u278f
Unicode U+02790
HTML  &#10128
Decimal 10128
Octal   23620
Hex   0x2790
UTF-8  0x2790
JS    %u2790
Unicode U+02791
HTML  &#10129
Decimal 10129
Octal   23621
Hex   0x2791
UTF-8  0x2791
JS    %u2791
Unicode U+02792
HTML  &#10130
Decimal 10130
Octal   23622
Hex   0x2792
UTF-8  0x2792
JS    %u2792
Unicode U+02793
HTML  &#10131
Decimal 10131
Octal   23623
Hex   0x2793
UTF-8  0x2793
JS    %u2793
Unicode U+02794
HTML  &#10132
Decimal 10132
Octal   23624
Hex   0x2794
UTF-8  0x2794
JS    %u2794
Unicode U+02795
HTML  &#10133
Decimal 10133
Octal   23625
Hex   0x2795
UTF-8  0x2795
JS    %u2795
Unicode U+02796
HTML  &#10134
Decimal 10134
Octal   23626
Hex   0x2796
UTF-8  0x2796
JS    %u2796
Unicode U+02797
HTML  &#10135
Decimal 10135
Octal   23627
Hex   0x2797
UTF-8  0x2797
JS    %u2797
Unicode U+02798
HTML  &#10136
Decimal 10136
Octal   23630
Hex   0x2798
UTF-8  0x2798
JS    %u2798
Unicode U+02799
HTML  &#10137
Decimal 10137
Octal   23631
Hex   0x2799
UTF-8  0x2799
JS    %u2799
Unicode U+0279a
HTML  &#10138
Decimal 10138
Octal   23632
Hex   0x279a
UTF-8  0x279a
JS    %u279a
Unicode U+0279b
HTML  &#10139
Decimal 10139
Octal   23633
Hex   0x279b
UTF-8  0x279b
JS    %u279b
Unicode U+0279c
HTML  &#10140
Decimal 10140
Octal   23634
Hex   0x279c
UTF-8  0x279c
JS    %u279c
Unicode U+0279d
HTML  &#10141
Decimal 10141
Octal   23635
Hex   0x279d
UTF-8  0x279d
JS    %u279d
Unicode U+0279e
HTML  &#10142
Decimal 10142
Octal   23636
Hex   0x279e
UTF-8  0x279e
JS    %u279e
Unicode U+0279f
HTML  &#10143
Decimal 10143
Octal   23637
Hex   0x279f
UTF-8  0x279f
JS    %u279f
Unicode U+027a0
HTML  &#10144
Decimal 10144
Octal   23640
Hex   0x27a0
UTF-8  0x27a0
JS    %u27a0
Unicode U+027a1
HTML  &#10145
Decimal 10145
Octal   23641
Hex   0x27a1
UTF-8  0x27a1
JS    %u27a1
Unicode U+027a2
HTML  &#10146
Decimal 10146
Octal   23642
Hex   0x27a2
UTF-8  0x27a2
JS    %u27a2
Unicode U+027a3
HTML  &#10147
Decimal 10147
Octal   23643
Hex   0x27a3
UTF-8  0x27a3
JS    %u27a3
Unicode U+027a4
HTML  &#10148
Decimal 10148
Octal   23644
Hex   0x27a4
UTF-8  0x27a4
JS    %u27a4
Unicode U+027a5
HTML  &#10149
Decimal 10149
Octal   23645
Hex   0x27a5
UTF-8  0x27a5
JS    %u27a5
Unicode U+027a6
HTML  &#10150
Decimal 10150
Octal   23646
Hex   0x27a6
UTF-8  0x27a6
JS    %u27a6
Unicode U+027a7
HTML  &#10151
Decimal 10151
Octal   23647
Hex   0x27a7
UTF-8  0x27a7
JS    %u27a7
Unicode U+027a8
HTML  &#10152
Decimal 10152
Octal   23650
Hex   0x27a8
UTF-8  0x27a8
JS    %u27a8
Unicode U+027a9
HTML  &#10153
Decimal 10153
Octal   23651
Hex   0x27a9
UTF-8  0x27a9
JS    %u27a9
Unicode U+027aa
HTML  &#10154
Decimal 10154
Octal   23652
Hex   0x27aa
UTF-8  0x27aa
JS    %u27aa
Unicode U+027ab
HTML  &#10155
Decimal 10155
Octal   23653
Hex   0x27ab
UTF-8  0x27ab
JS    %u27ab
Unicode U+027ac
HTML  &#10156
Decimal 10156
Octal   23654
Hex   0x27ac
UTF-8  0x27ac
JS    %u27ac
Unicode U+027ad
HTML  &#10157
Decimal 10157
Octal   23655
Hex   0x27ad
UTF-8  0x27ad
JS    %u27ad
Unicode U+027ae
HTML  &#10158
Decimal 10158
Octal   23656
Hex   0x27ae
UTF-8  0x27ae
JS    %u27ae
Unicode U+027af
HTML  &#10159
Decimal 10159
Octal   23657
Hex   0x27af
UTF-8  0x27af
JS    %u27af
Unicode U+027b0
HTML  &#10160
Decimal 10160
Octal   23660
Hex   0x27b0
UTF-8  0x27b0
JS    %u27b0
Unicode U+027b1
HTML  &#10161
Decimal 10161
Octal   23661
Hex   0x27b1
UTF-8  0x27b1
JS    %u27b1
Unicode U+027b2
HTML  &#10162
Decimal 10162
Octal   23662
Hex   0x27b2
UTF-8  0x27b2
JS    %u27b2
Unicode U+027b3
HTML  &#10163
Decimal 10163
Octal   23663
Hex   0x27b3
UTF-8  0x27b3
JS    %u27b3
Unicode U+027b4
HTML  &#10164
Decimal 10164
Octal   23664
Hex   0x27b4
UTF-8  0x27b4
JS    %u27b4
Unicode U+027b5
HTML  &#10165
Decimal 10165
Octal   23665
Hex   0x27b5
UTF-8  0x27b5
JS    %u27b5
Unicode U+027b6
HTML  &#10166
Decimal 10166
Octal   23666
Hex   0x27b6
UTF-8  0x27b6
JS    %u27b6
Unicode U+027b7
HTML  &#10167
Decimal 10167
Octal   23667
Hex   0x27b7
UTF-8  0x27b7
JS    %u27b7
Unicode U+027b8
HTML  &#10168
Decimal 10168
Octal   23670
Hex   0x27b8
UTF-8  0x27b8
JS    %u27b8
Unicode U+027b9
HTML  &#10169
Decimal 10169
Octal   23671
Hex   0x27b9
UTF-8  0x27b9
JS    %u27b9
Unicode U+027ba
HTML  &#10170
Decimal 10170
Octal   23672
Hex   0x27ba
UTF-8  0x27ba
JS    %u27ba
Unicode U+027bb
HTML  &#10171
Decimal 10171
Octal   23673
Hex   0x27bb
UTF-8  0x27bb
JS    %u27bb
Unicode U+027bc
HTML  &#10172
Decimal 10172
Octal   23674
Hex   0x27bc
UTF-8  0x27bc
JS    %u27bc
Unicode U+027bd
HTML  &#10173
Decimal 10173
Octal   23675
Hex   0x27bd
UTF-8  0x27bd
JS    %u27bd
Unicode U+027be
HTML  &#10174
Decimal 10174
Octal   23676
Hex   0x27be
UTF-8  0x27be
JS    %u27be
Unicode U+027bf
HTML  &#10175
Decimal 10175
Octal   23677
Hex   0x27bf
UTF-8  0x27bf
JS    %u27bf

When you'll Hover over any of the symbol, you'll see various codes associated with that code. Decimal, Octal value, Hex value, Unicode, HTML entity code and JavaScript escaped codes have been provided. If you want to use these symbols in your web page, you should use HTML entity code. Just copy it and paste it in your HTML code.

In the above list, if you see an empty character —it means no Unicode has yet been defined for that code. In case you see a gibberish box instead proper character, it means your computer does not have appropriate glyph to display that character.

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