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Our team will analyze the blog and make a decision.
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Top Tech Blogs and Bloggers in India

The profession of blogging became trendy in India only around 2010. However, thousands of writing enthusiast had already set up their blogs much before that. We believe that blogging is still not as seriously taken in India. Only a few hundred good quality blogs exists in the country.

Technology was probably the first subject that was taken up by an Indian for blogging. Amit Agarwal of Labnol is arguably the first pro blogger in India. He still writes great posts on tech related stuff. Technology is still the top niche in the world of Indian professional blogging. Tech blogging is perhaps also the most well paying blog niche.

Here we have given you a list of top technology related blogs created by Indians. Although these blogs are ranked according the the Alexa ranking, but we have also analyzed quality of the blog on the basis of content, layout, usability among other factors.

You're welcome to suggest a new blog for this list. We will visit the suggested blog and analyze it. If we find it suitable, we will certainly add it to the list.

We update the database of top tech blogs in India ever week. If we get very busy in enjoying our Sundays, sometimes we may skip the database update :-) But in any case, this list will continue to provide you credible information on the best among Indian tech blogs.

Please note that this ranking may not be a very accurate indicator of the traffic received by the respective blogs. Our research has shown that sometimes Alexa rank would be poor but the traffic would still be pretty good. And vice versa is also true. We have

About Alexa Rank

Alexa is a company owned by Amazon. It provides public popularity matrix for millions of websites on the Internet. We have seen that Alexa rank fluctuates a lot and most people do not consider it as accurate. Alexa rank may not be accurate but it is nevertheless the most reliable free and publicly available ranking of websites. We consult Alexa rank data while updating our database every week.

This list is dynamic and reviewed every week. We remove the blogs when they fall short of the quality standards or when better blogs are found. We want to keep this list small and crisp.