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Lalit Kumar holds degrees of B.Sc. Life Science (Delhi University, India), M.Sc. Information Technology (Karnataka State Open University, India) and M.Sc. Bioinformatics (Heriot-Watt University, UK). He is also a Gold Medalist GNIITian (a three year software engineering program from NIIT Limited).

Lalit has worked for the United Nations on several international projects as an IT Specialist. He resigned from the UN in 2006 to go to Scotland after being awarded an international full scholarship from the Govt. of Scotland. On this scholarship he studied Bioinformatics and achieved M.Sc. degree with distinction from Heriot-Watt University.

Then he went on to work with the Medical Research Council’s Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh. He participated, as Research Support Officer, in a European Union project, called Eurexpress, aimed at creating a web-based transcriptome atlas of gene expression in mouse embryo. His role in the project was to develop and maintain web-based atlas, databases and other enterprise-wide software applications to ensure smooth data flow among various components of the project. He was also an Information Technology center-point and coordinator among a number of world-renowned genetics labs.

Upon successful completion of Eurexpress project -he went to the Laval University, Canada to pursue a PhD on a full scholarship from the university. However, having not found the program in line of his interests, he declined the offer and returned to India.

Lalit is passionate about web application development, web community development, Hindi literature and prose writing. He writes regularly both in Hindi and English languages. Love of languages and literature has motivated him to take several initiatives to further Hindi language on Internet.

He is the founder of Kavita Kosh; a Hindi language community based project which he began in 2006. Today this website has become the largest collection of poetry in Hindi and a number of other Indian languages. This project has won accolades from all quarters for its design, quality and management. Lalit handles technical, managerial and policy making aspects of Kavita Kosh project. He is also the administrator of the Kavita Kosh Team; the group of people who control the Kavita Kosh website. Kavita Kosh is visited by 150,000 people every month. These visitors read more than 2,000,000 pages of the website.

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