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Lalit Kumar: Founder of TechWelkin, Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh

About Lalit Kumar. Things that Lalit does!

Lalit Kumar is the Principal Author and Founder at TechWelkin. He has M.Sc. (Information Technology) and M.Sc. (Bioinformatics Software Development) degree from Heriot-Watt University. He is also a Gold Medalist GNIITian in Software and Web Development. He was awarded reputed full scholarships from the Government of Scotland and Government of Canada to study in these countries.

Lalit is a person who loves to learn different things. He has studied and worked in a variety of fields including life sciences, information technology, software engineering, web development, bioinformatics and literature. He has worked for the United Nations and Medical Research Council in the area of Information Technology.

Lalit has developed numerous popular websites and tools. His social projects Kavita Kosh and Gadya Kosh are the largest online libraries of Indian literature. He has also developed tools for Hindi language work and SEO. As a freelancer, he has helped a lot of clients in a variety of tasks including data management, SEO, web development, web usability, user experience etc.

About Lalit Kumar. Things that Lalit does!

Lalit Kumar: figuring things out

Lalit’s Blogging Journey

Lalit has been blogging for about 6-7 years both in English and Hindi languages. Earlier blogging was never a professional endeavor for him. He used to write blogs just to express his thoughts.

Later on he entered into the realms of Professional Blogging —just by chance! Over a period of time, Lalit realized that he had acquired significant expertise about how one can make money from their blogs and other ways of earning money from Internet. So, he decided to get into professional blogging; just to learn it more seriously.

Today, he earns a handsome amount from his various blogs and websites. However, his interest is still not in earning money through blogging. Instead he blogs to keep on learning how to do even better blogging. He does experiments, he creates, he makes mess of things, he repairs them, he gains knowledge and use it for his clients.

Lalit has made (innumerable) mistakes in blogging

Lalit began to take tech blogging seriously way back in 2011. Today, the successful TechWelkin that you’re seeing was not built overnight. He did everything from scratch. He learned every bit of blogging on his own. And it took him years. Bat the process finally reached a maturity-level.

Lalit has made EVERY possible mistake that a blogger can manage to make!… Now he knows what not to do more than he knows about what should be done for success :-)

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work”

–Thomas Edison [tweet]

But that exactly is the secret of his success. Had he not made mistakes, his success could have been short-lived.

Making mistakes, learning from mistakes, experiments, data analysis, research etc. are INTEGRAL part of the blogging business. If you do not do all this stuff, your success will either never come… or it will have a short-life.

Why short life?

Well, professional blogging survives on the happiness of our readers as well as search engines. Search engines, especially Google, keep on improving their system and algorithms all the time. If you don’t know how Google search works and what angers or pleases Google, sooner or later your blog shall be penalized.

Lalit has seen downfall of many blogs that were once successful. They make one or two mistakes and within weeks or months, they lost all they had achieved with hard work.

But the bloggers who are forever in the loop of learning, those who make all the mistakes and then learn from them; only those bloggers settle and survive in the rough waters of professional blogging.


Nowadays, Lalit take only a few and select assignments. As and when his busy schedule allows, he takes up a client and work magic for their websites and blogs. Here are the examples:

Website traffic growth of one of my clients. Monthly traffic increased 430% after I intervened and optimized the website.

Website traffic growth of one of my clients. Monthly traffic increased 430% after I intervened and optimized the website.

Monthly web traffic of another client grew by more than 100% after my consultancy.

Monthly web traffic of another client grew by more than 100% after my consultancy.

Lalit’s voluntary work

Lalit is the founder of Kavita Kosh; a Hindi language community based project which he started way back in 2006. Today this website has become the largest collection of poetry in Hindi and a number of other Indian languages. This project has won accolades from all quarters for its content, design, quality and management. Lalit handles technical, managerial and policy making aspects of Kavita Kosh project. He is also the Director of the Kavita Kosh Team; a group of volunteers that manages the website. Kavita Kosh is visited by more than 300,000 people every month. These visitors read around 2 million pages of this website.

Want to connect with Lalit Kumar?

You can connect with Lalit through his social media channels.

49 responses to “Lalit Kumar: Founder of TechWelkin, Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh”

  1. Abarika says:

    Wonderful story.

  2. vibe says:

    Patience is very important in blogging, your story is inspiring. thanks lalit

  3. Jayaraj K Nair says:

    Hi Lalit,
    Am from Kerala and gone through your site and readers’ comments thoroughly. Great work and tireless efforts indeed. All the best to your efforts and keep going!

  4. Ram says:

    Hi Sir,
    I want to start a blog related to educational , my query is whether I have to use free themes or use WordPress genesis framework. I have a little bit knowledge on WordPress.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      You don’t have to use Genesis or any other framework. To begin with, you use one of the default themes of WordPress and when you get the ball rolling — later you can go for paid stuff.

  5. v.raj says:

    you have given very useful information in your “make money online” blog.
    i would like to start a website devoted to a specific product/service group, say, foods in India (just example). there i would give a free listing of various suppliers from the web providing LINKS to their own website.
    eventually, would propose to charge a one-time nominal charge for continuing the listing.
    can such an idea work? any tips?

  6. Kailash.punchhi says:

    Your journey towards blogging has inspired me much .iam keenly interested to start blogging in hindi and English.i just want to share my thoughts and feelings by blogging. Kindly help me to start. Reply

  7. Raingam says:

    Amazing and awesome bio sir. Your bio really inspired me..I need your help for creating a great blog which I want to update all jobs information in India. Thank you

  8. Marfes says:

    good profile and i had good lesson about your success

  9. Younus Hussain says:


    We have Registered Educational & Social Welfare Trust in Warangal District, Telangana State in District Registration Office . My Query is Our Trust Comes under Telanagna Trust Acts or Indian Trust Acts. We have followed all steps mentioned in the Website. Please Comment. If you need any info please let me know.


    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Because you are the person who registered the trust, so either you or your lawyer should know under which act your trust deed has been created. No one else can tell you.

  10. Manzoor Ahmad Sofi says:

    Hi Sir, I am Manzoor Ahmad from Srinagar, Kashmir. I came across this site while I was looking for an English to Urdu online converter. I am inspired to read your success story. I wonder if a person like me can become a good professional blogger someday. I have tried sometimes but crashed without actually ever taking off. And I personally feel the information bombardment is one reason for many people not to start online blogging and websites. I hope you get me. Need some words of advice.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hello Manzoor, anyone who has flair for writing and expertise in a particular field of knowledge can become a blogger. Success in blogging however does not come overnight. One has to be patient and hardworking to develop a good blog. You have good command on English and you can write very well. I would suggest that you give it another try. Don’t look for “success” -just do blogging because you like it. Success will automatically follow.

  11. Prachi sakpal says:

    Hello I’m Prachi. I was randomly browsing and I happened to visit your site. I like the way your site is designed and presented. The overall navigation was smooth. I myself have been trying to setup a website and I was wondering if you could help me up. I need to know how to get approved by Google AdSense particularly. A little help from your side can be very useful to me.
    thank you

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Prachi, the information you’re seeking is all available on TechWelkin. Please go through my articles. I just now saw your website and I have just one comment to make; your blogging approach needs improvement. Just setting up a website is of no use. You need to be able to create your own content of good quality. Blogging requires a lot of hard work. All the best!

  12. Harsh S. says:

    Hi Lalit – I started blogging pretty recently and was following some of the great Indian bloggers like Amit and Harsh Agarwal. I could aware of them as there were lot of buzz and advertisement around. But now I came across your blog and read about you which made me inspired deeply. Also, it’s really surprising for me how someone can build a list of top Indian bloggers leaving aside you. Anyways now you have achieved such a level that actually speak for itself and doesn’t depend upon any external promotion. I also read the comments of so many readers, every one is inspired by you and your work including me. I can only wish for you keep going strong. I’ve bookmarked this blog and I’ll be a regular reader from now on.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hello Harsh, thank you for your comment! I just believe in leading a meaningful life and blogging is one of the tools to helps me in that direction. It’s kind of you that you consider me among the top Indian bloggers —that’s an honor! I hope you also keep doing dedicated work on your blog and help your readers with it. Blogging is not an easy business —it demands a lot of time, attention and innovation. If you put in all this, you will soon see the success. All the best!

  13. Sandeep Negi says:

    Wow I am feeling so motivate after reading your journey. I am also a Hindi blogger. I hope one day will also make a handsome money through it.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable information.

  14. vinayak says:

    Hi, it’s good to hear about your success. like it happens with new bloggers, even I have been blogging for a while now and have made many mistakes.
    but after reading your success story it keeps me motivated to continue blogging and learn the perfect steps while I blog.

  15. Rasik says:

    Hello Lalit,
    I want to start charity work but don’t want to get into the complexities of registering NGO n all. Initially I will put my money and will display pics of all what I have done so that people can have trust in me.
    In this case if any one is interesting in donating money to me and I share my personal account. Is this legal. I will keep proper receipt of the money spent.
    Do i need to file separate IT return in this case.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Well, in a way there is nothing wrong in collecting money from people and use it honestly for a social cause. But it is advisable that you create an NGO for this purpose. This will be beneficial in many respect. If you do not register an NGO, the donation collected in your personal bank account will be considered as your own income and you will have to pay income tax on that.

  16. puspanjali says:

    Sometimes there is need of just a kick. And this page I came across was much more. Thanks for the kick.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      We all need such “kicks” in our lives. I hope the “kick” that you’ve got will serve you wonderfully. All the best!

  17. ashok Sharma says:

    Dear Lalit,

    First and foremost I would like to congratulate you for your hard work creating all these sites, specifically ‘Kavita Kosh’. Thanks for offering your services to develop these communities.

    I have submitted some work for kavita Kosh that was published . I am sincerely grateful for it. I forgot my password and tried to reset it by submitting my user name ‘aashoo’. However, I never get any response to reset a new password.

    Appreciate your help.

    Kind regards,

    Ashok Sharma

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Ashok ji, we no longer allow public to edit content in Kavita Kosh. Yes, I can see that your page is already there. If you wish to add more poems, you can send those poems to me by email. There must not be any spelling mistakes, poems must be in Unicode font, and all the poems should be in one single MS Word file. We will add them on your page (however, it may take some time as the Team is handling a lot of work)

  18. Saba says:

    Hi Lalit Kumar Ji,
    I have seen your blogs. Really so nice and inspirational. Though I’m an IT employee, to be frank I’m just annoyed doing the same monotonous boredom job with that marginal income. Due to my family stress I’m pursuing the job, but the ambition to fly high get buried deep in my heart. Reading blogs like yours, the buried wish to achieve with my fullest potential, started to lift its head as usual.
    I have written some technical books and get printed few copies for my friends circle. It’s got overwhelm response. Can I sell them (not as e-book format) online at Flipkart and Amazon. Is any VAT or TIN or any other formalities necessary to sell my own printed books? Since I don’t have any VAT or TIN, but I have my PAN and net banking with CC avenue gateway knowledge.
    Sorry for taking your precious time.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Saba, you can certainly sell your printed books online on stores like Flipkart, Infibeam and Amazon. Just register yourself as a seller with these companies. I hope you get to do what interests you the most. All the best for your future :-)

  19. waseem karajagi says:

    Resp Lalit sir, techwelkin and kavita kosh are now part of our google search. Sir many hearty congratulations for doing wonderful job, your time is valuable for us, please keep blogging. Sir our NGO team is enormously energetic to bring awareness regarding education, health and over social issues. Our goal of this month is to do plantation in our city so please inform me from where we must take permission to plant in our society. Thank you Sir.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Thank you for liking TechWelkin and Kavita Kosh! The question you have asked very specific in nature :-) I think you should approach the municipality of your area. They will be able to guide you better.

  20. Arvind says:

    Liked your interest in language and more than that, the respect for language: that is my strength area too. I am doing something about how people are approaching to English learning. Will love to share details some day. English, because it is empowering language today, with all respect for the L1, the family languages.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Language empowers us! I am a supporter of the idea that one should be able to speak at least one language with good command. Our proficiency on that one language should be enough so as never to feel hindered while expressing any thought or idea. All the best Arvind.

  21. Parthasarathy Mallick says:

    Dear Sir,

    Though I have partially navigated through your website,yet it is very nice and informative.I am student of Kendriya Vidyalaya and I belong to Odisha.

    Thanks for launching the Kavita Kosh.

    Sir,would you mind giving some tips on how to earn money by becoming a blogger.


    Parthasarathy Mallick

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Parthasarathy, don’t think that someone can teach you blogging! It’s a passion that some people have and some don’t. You may launch a blog for expressing your thoughts but earning money from blogging is a full time profession. You’re a school student, you should focus on studies. Studies should be your full-time profession.

  22. kiran says:

    Hi Lalith,

    How does earns money?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Kiran, Kavita Kosh does not make money. Kavita Kosh is my voluntary effort which is totally non-profit.

  23. Rajendra Reddy says:

    Hi Lalit, your profile is really awesome

  24. Kamini Gangurde says:

    Greetings Sir,Your Profile is really inspiring.
    Information which you have shared
    is really helpful.

  25. bloggerlamongan says:

    Nice share.. Very interesting bio, and I believe that you are inspire other bloggers. Btw, would you like to share how much your blogging earning at this time?


  26. Rama Malar says:


    I would like to clarify two matters regarding the opening of a trust!

    1. Is it possible for 2 persons to come out of an existing trust and be a part of a new one started in the same name with a prefix or suffix ?!
    2. How long it will take to start a fresh trust?!

  27. lokendra says:

    hi lalit i liked your page its usefull

  28. Prakash says:

    i am very glad after known, Kavita Kosh is the best hindi poem site of world.

  29. Glitch says:

    Hi Lalit, you are quite the intellectual with Code + Poetry.
    I run a data marketplace. Could definitely use someone with your skills.

  30. Anshika says:


    Huawei Devices India is looking at hosting a Bloggers Meet soon designed specifically for Tech Bloggers at their Gurgaon, Corporate office. The blogger’s meet is planned to enhance relationship and to have an open discussion on Huawei Honor & X5 Pro. The products will be displayed at the meet to have a hand on experience of them and will be given for review.

    We would request you to kindly share your contact details so that we can send the invite for the same.

    Anshika Mehta
    [email protected]

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