Difference among Facebook Profile, Page and Group

People often confuse among the concepts of Facebook profile, page and group. Here I explain the basic differences among these features of an FB account.

Facebook provides you with several options to properly present your online identity. But, unfortunately, most people are either unaware of these options or they don’t use them in the right manner.

Facebook Profile

When you create a fresh account –Facebook automatically allots you a profile. A profile is where you write information about yourself (e.g. name, date of birth, place where you live, your interests, contact information etc). Then your friends come and connect their profiles with your profile –this makes you their Facebook friend. In a profile, you cannot have more than 5000 friends (as on 30th September 2011). A profile is a tool to present yourself as a person in a circle of friends.

Facebook Page

By default you get a profile –but later on you can also create a Facebook page. But before creating a page –you should know why.

  • Facebook page is more like an official profile.
  • It is created to project more of your professional side.
  • Logically, anyone in the world is target audience of your page. Your profile is for your friends but your page is for world at large. Anyone can connect to it.
  • Earlier the connection was established using the term “Fan” (i.e. someone is becoming a fan of yours if s/he joins your page). Later, Facebook changed the relationship term from fan to “Like”. So, now people like a page and befriend a profile.
  • Soon, Facebook might come up with better relationship terms for you to connect with a page
  • Unlike a profile, a page can have unlimited connections
  • Pages are usually created for a public figure, brand or business/organization

So, you think you are a public figure –go for a page for yourself. If you have a business/organization –create a page for it –but don’t leave it blank (as most people do). You should create a page if you are serious about maintaining it.

Facebook Group

You can also create a Facebook Group. A groups is a gathering of like-minded people. You should not force people to join your group. At present, Facebook allows you to add people to your groups without taking their permission. This might increase the number of members very quickly -but trust me most of these people will become irritated with you! You should just write about your group on your wall and let people decide whether to join it or not.

  • A group always has an objective and discusses issues related with a specific domain.
  • There is no limit on number of members
  • A group can be Open, Closed or Secret.
    • Anyone can join an open group. Even without joining the group, people can see your group, members and all the posts.
    • In a closed group, outsiders can only see the list of members but they cannot see the posts made in the group
    • A secret group is completely closed to the outside world. Non-members cannot see the member list or posts.


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