How to build Laptop Stand Using Plastic Pipes

It’s easy to make a laptop stand using plastic pipes and elbows. Do it yourself and have fun!

A laptop stand holds laptop at an angle that makes typing and viewing more comfortable. Such ready-to-use stands are easily available in market. But if you want to have some fun and do it yourself –you can make such a stand at home using simple things. Satisfaction of self-made stuff is unparalleled. Give it a try!

Common plumbing pipes and elbows can be used you can make a laptop stand at home. All you need is a meter length of plastic (or metal) pipe, six elbows and a cutter. If you wish to paint the stand with your favorite color –you’ll need spray paint.

Cut the pipe in five pieces and join these pieces with elbows as shown in the following photograph. Be careful to measure pipe pieces correctly before cutting.

Photo of the process of making laptop stand using pipes and elbows

Process of making laptop stand using pipes and elbows

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