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Convert OLM Data into PST File Format

Guest Writer | February 13, 2013 (Last update: July 16, 2017)

Outlook 2011 for Mac is one such email client that has got a wide group of users worldwide. The time when this product got launched much hype was created. And, I have seen every next guy talking about Outlook 2011 for MAC. The product was incorporated with important security updates, along with some new features. Personally, I too had high hopes after all the IT world was bombarded with several claims made by Microsoft regarding the app is made for Apple’s Cocoa programming environment that makes it fully compatible with Mac OS X features as possible.

However, things got changed. I struggled through damaged databases and at the same time faced frequent crash issues. Right from the day one, the mail folder scrambling issue persisted. Besides this, there were various other issues that too I got to know like display of duplicate email items in Sent Folder, unable to resize pictures attached to message. I personally feel that Outlook 2011 failed somewhere to meet up my expectations. And, consequently I decided to go for OLM to PST conversion.

Moreover, Outlook 2011 for Mac also demands for more maintenance effort. In addition, many IT experts consider it is as an application with limited scope in its usability.  Even in organizations Outlook 2011 for Mac is generally restricted to use in one or two systems only. In order to send Mac emails from the existing Mac machine to next system using other edition of Outlook, it gets essential to shift the Mac OLM data to PST format.

When it is required to OLM to PST conversion, the most effective approach that you could too opt is taking help third party OLM to PST conversion software. With effective usage of OLM to PST converter, it gets easy to convert the whole data to PST from OLM. Once you are done with this action you can easily access OLM data in Windows Outlook.

The proper usage of OLM to PST conversion tool not just helped me convert the file from OLM to PST format, but it also provided me the search option to search and select item based upon different criteria i.e. From, To, Subject, Received before (date). Initially, questions were raised whether such conversion would retain the properties of file. But such tools are well integrated with facility to retain the email data integrity in every situation. Perhaps, it won’t be wrong to say that such OLM to PST conversion utility also helps in the creation and saving backup of OLM data in MS Outlook in order to tackle with  sudden data disaster sort of situation.

And, once you convert Outlook 2011 Mac files into Outlook PST format, you can very well save OLM file as PST file and access it on Outlook Windows environment. These days, different Mac Outlook export tools are available in online world; therefore it is important that you find the better one to successfully perform OLM to PST conversion process. These days, such application is also available in free trial version. Any individual looking to measure its efficiency can take help of trial version and measure its efficiency.


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