Download Rupee Symbol :: Indian Rupee Font

India has got a new symbol for its currency, called Rupee. So far, Rupee used to be represented with the Rs. acronym. Rupee did not have a symbol of its own, just like other major currencies of the world (e.g. Dollar, Pound Sterling etc.)

The best way to type the Rupee symbol is by using Unicode. I have written a detailed article on how to type Indian rupee symbol. But there are also special fonts which you can use to type Rupee symbol. Here you can download the rupee symbol fonts and also learn how to install them in your computer.

Download Foradian Rupee Font

There are two main rupee symbol fonts that are available for download. One is the Foradian Rupee font. It was probably the first rupee font developed soon after the Rupee sign was announced by the government.

Download Foradian Rupee font

You need to press the grave key (`) in order to show the rupee sign in Foradian font.

Key for foradian rupee symbol

Download ITF Rupee Font

The second font was developed by Indian Type Foundry (ITF). The ITF Rupee font has 20 variations of the symbol. Each variation can be typed by pressing keys from A to T. If you press A, the first variation of rupee symbol appears; if you B, second variation will come; so on and so forth.

Download ITF Rupee font (True Type)

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How to Install Rupee Font

Method 1: Automatic Install

  1. Download the font file
  2. Double click on the file to open it
  3. Click on the Install button to do the installation

Method 2: Manual Install

  1. First download the rupee font from the above given links.
  2. click on Start button and open Control Panel.
  3. Open Fonts
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded font file in the Fonts folder
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