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Mobile to Mobile: Transfer Contacts, Songs, Photos and More!

Main screen of MobileTrans
Samyak Lalit | December 27, 2013 (Last update: September 23, 2017)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

We often need to transfer contacts, songs and photos from one mobile to another mobile. This article is about a software that can do mobile to mobile data copy very easily.

Today, I began my day by testing a new software. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and a Nokia E72 mobile phone. I wanted to transfer some songs and photos from my tablet computer to my mobile phone. Also, I wanted to take a backup of my contact phone number (phone book) from my mobile to tablet. Although there are multiple ways to do this, but I came across a new software called Wondershare MobileTrans and I decided to give it a test drive.

In a nutshell, this software is capable of transferring any type of data (contacts, text / sms messages, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos) from one mobile device to another. And it worked well in my test. Let me give you details of test and its results.

How to Setup MobileTrans

I downloaded a free trial copy of MobileTrans on my laptop. The executable file of 27.7 MB size downloaded in about 8 minutes on a relatively slow 56kbps internet connection. Setup of the software is pretty clean and straightforward. It does not ask you any information that is out of ordinary.

When you run the software, it asks for the licensed email and registration code –but you can go on using it as a trial version. If you want to purchase the full copy, you can buy it for $19.95 for one time use and for $39.95 for unlimited use.

How does MobileTrans Work?

User interface is neat, simple and uncomplicated. After you’ve run the software, first plug-in the source mobile device through USB cable. Then connect the destination mobile device. Software will recognize both the devices, they are supported. Then simply check the boxes of data types that you want to transfer. Hit the “Start Copy” button and the desired data begins to transfer from source device to destination.

Main screen of MobileTrans

Main screen of MobileTrans

My songs and some photos were easily transferred from Tab 2 to E72 and contacts from E72 were smoothly copied to Tab 2.

Mobile Devices Supported by Wondershare MobileTrans

MobileTrans supports tablets and smartphones from a number of vendors. The list includes Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Acer, LG, Huawei and ZTE. Hundreds of devices from these vendors are supported at present.

Which Operating Systems Does MobileTrans Support?

This software supports Android, Symbian and iOS. People who have phones based on Nokia’s Symbian operating system might want to transfer data to their new phones because Nokia has stopped supporting and making Symbian based phones.

Apple iPhone and iPad use iOS while other major venders make phones running on Google’s Android. MobileTrans provides seamless data transfer between these two operating systems.

What More I Wish For?

Although MobileTrans works like a charm, I hope that Wondershare will keep adding support for more phones. If they can add support for no-so-smart-mobile-phones that would come as a blessing for people using relatively low end devices.

Also, Wondershare, at present does not support Windows based phone. As Nokia Lumia is getting very popular and users are quickly switching among various types of devices –it would only be good for Wondershare to add Windows support to MobileTrans.

So, folks, this was today’s test and review. I hope it was useful. Thank you for using TechWelkin.


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