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Wishlist for Facebook 2013

Guest Writer | October 17, 2012 (Last update: September 23, 2017)

Facebook no doubt has got a significant influence over my online activities which spans from sharing contents & articles to stay updated with social and other relevant information. And since its launch, it has been constantly evolving with features which were either hit or miss. And being an avid user of it, I’m also left with certain gripes addressing which will make it a more robust platform to hang up with. Scribed here is a wishlist that I’d like to see it materialize any day and anyway.

1. Dislike Button

I understand guys at Facebook must be having it in their concern, but I certainly don’t understand what’s that which is preventing them to have Dislike button. And the number of nonsensical posts that keeps on popping every now and then in my newsfeed really makes me feel this as a much desired, awaited and anticipated feature of Facebook. It will be no less than a virtual slap to many.

2. One-click Untag

The (ruthless) procedure that Facebook requires to untag yourself from any tagged content is as irritating as the tag itself. Since putting status and requests like don’t-tag-me-please are seldom heard by the one who is a self-confessed-facebook-tagger, I sheepishly untag myself from every disgusting post keeping the ‘friendship’ alive. But doing it quite often comes as a digital drudgery. Hope Facebook simplifies this to the sanity of many.

3. Video Album

I remember how Orkut had this integrated with them just like a picture album. And having a useful feature for music & video enthusiasts like me will not be a rip-off. I any day would like to compliment my profile page with video gallery fed with various YouTube (and the likes) links which inherits all the features and categorization of Photos section.

4. Nested Comments

Comments, gossips, arguments, discussions etc are the elements which gets equally confusing with several individuals involved after plethora of Facebook comments directed to a particular individual. And finding a reply 20-30 comments down is like being in a verbal labyrinth. Facebook must adapt this feature which blogs and posts have been doing since long to produce the Facebook comments with better nested structures.

5. Sticky Message on Groups & Pages

I find it frustratingly difficult to announce the rules and regulation to every member that joins in my groups or pages that I administer. Having a sticky above (against the option of cover image which I follow as a workaround) will help it put as a prominent clause to existing members too who either misses or forgets it.

6. Popout Chat Window

Closing one of the chat boxes over which you are still going on to provide the room for one more is something which I’d never appreciate. But I’ve to follow this if more people come in and none can be dropped. And juggling between different boxes is also a hideous regime to follow every time I want to take multiple entities into concern. Having Facebook chat box popped out will have twin advantages – minimal clutter and resizable window for better readability to adjust long  paragraphs. Make my chat hassle free please.

7. Basic Text Formatting

To emphasize few points in our statement (status & comment section), we have no option but to write it in caps & quotes which may or may not grab reader’s attention. I along with other friends of mine will be merrier than ever to have this feature in our kitty. Only three standard tags like Bold, Italics and underline will keep us satiated who doesn’t shy away from writing long paragraphs which needs some points to be highlighted. After all, Facebook has already taken Smiley and URL into it’s concern.

How did you like this Facebook wishlist? Would you like to add anything else? Please feel free to ask if you have any questions on this topic. I will be happy to try and help you. Thank you for using TechWelkin.


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