Facebook Timeline: “None” Appears in Remove Post Menu

A tiny but irritating problem of Facebook Timeline; with an easy solution.

The Problem: When a Timeline user tries to remove a posted story from his/her Timeline –the “Remove / Edit” dropdown menu shows only one option: “None”

As a result, the user is left with no way to remove the story.

This problem is sometimes faced by the Timeline users. The Timeline profile is still maturing and there are a few bugs that are yet to be sorted by Facebook.

The Solution: Logout from Facebook > close your browser > open the browser again > login again in Facebook > go back to your profile and you should be able to see the items in “Remove / Edit” dropdown menu.


  1. Dak6378 says

    I am having this exact problem, and I’ve logged out and restarted the computer and I still see ‘none’ for options and can’t remove the post. What do I do?

  2. Shreyans says

    I am facing the same problem. I posted a Birthday wish on a friends wall..
    But made a spelling mistake…
    when i tried to edit / delete it, none was shown..

    And that is not visible in my ‘Activity Log’
    So can’t delete it from there as well..

    Tried above mentioned steps, still didn’t work….

    • Evan says

      It doesn’t work for me on the computer but it works on mobile. Try Deleting the post within the Facebook app on your phone.

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