Facebook Timeline: “None” Appears in Remove Post Menu

Sometimes only “None” option appears instead of the usual remove post option in the Facebook menu. Learn how to solve this tiny problem.

On Facebook we all keep on posting a lot of stuff. And sometimes we also post things on Facebook that we should not have posted! When we realize the mistake, we immediately want to remove the incorrect post (although ever since Facebook has given the option of editing a post, need of total removal has decreased).

But, at times, when a Facebook user tries to remove a post from his/her Timeline –the “Remove / Edit” drop down menu shows only one option: “None”. The menu does not show any other option to actually remove or edit the post.

As a result, the user is left with no way to remove the post.

This problem is sometimes faced by the Timeline users. The Timeline profile is still maturing and there are a few bugs that are yet to be sorted by Facebook.


Well, there is no official or sure-shot solution of this problem. But whenever I have faced this problem, the following steps have helped.

Logout from Facebook > close your browser > open the browser again > login again in Facebook > go back to your profile and you should be able to see the items in “Remove / Edit” dropdown menu.

These steps do not sound like a “solution” but they have helped me several times. I guess this problem of only “None” appearing in the Facebook menu is more of caching or AJAX data transfer related problem. It is not a bug as such in the Facebook software. This is the reason why it gets sometimes solves with as easy steps as log out, close browser; open browser and login again.

Did you also face this problem? Did you try the above steps? Was it of any help? Please share with me if anything else has helped you in solving this problem. Thank you for using TechWelkin.

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