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5 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Samyak Lalit | September 9, 2013 (Last update: February 7, 2015)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

Lately, I wrote about tips that can help ensuring safety of women on Facebook. Before that I also wrote a similar article on children’s safety on social networks. But Facebook safety and security is not a concern for women and children only. The truth is that every Facebook user must be cautious about what they do and share on world’s largest online social network.

Although, you should avoid sharing any personal information on Facebook, but here is a list of five things that I think you must not reveal on Facebook. These are sensitive pieces of information which can compromise your Facebook account security:

1. Pet’s Name

Although it may sound a bit paranoid –but don’t share your pet’s name on Facebook if that is what you are using as password! A recent survey has shown that about 15% people on FB use their pets’ name as their password. You must not use a weak password for any of your online accounts. Anything that is guessable is a weak password!

2. Mother’s Maiden Name

Don’t reveal your Mother’s maiden name in your status updates or profile information. This is frequently asked security question when you register online (e.g. with your bank)

3. Name of First School Attended

Name of your first school is also something you should keep as private as possible because this too is an often used security question.

4. Travel Plans

As we discussed in the above mentioned article on 30 safety tips for women users on FB, it is recommended that you don’t disclose your travel plans –especially if you live alone –or if you’re going to go to a secluded place for vacation. Such information may be misused by people with bad intentions.

5. Date of Birth

You may want to reveal your date of birth on Facebook. This helps in your friends getting a information when it is your birthday. And you receive loads of good wishes. But try to keep your birth year private –this will give you some degree of safety as complete and exact date of birth is a sensitive information in present day internet era.

You may be thinking that these suggestions are a bit too much. You may be right, but you must understand that in virtual world information is everything. A little carelessness can cause big problems in online life.

I hope these tips were found to be useful. If you want to discuss anything in this regard, please feel free to comment!


6 responses to “5 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook”

  1. Jessica Worley says:

    Well why can’t I login it’s been 72hrs

  2. shaikh akbar says:

    sir i can’t log in fb
    i know old fb password

  3. imran hasan says:

    Please, I want your gmail.

  4. lucky nweke says:

    Sir please my Facebook account was compromised by some one and I don’t know how 2 get it back, because I have done all the processes Facebook asked me to; for example the ID verification but to no avail. Please help me out.

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      We are afraid we can not help you in this regard. You should contact Facebook Support for this.

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