Lalit Kumar: Founder of TechWelkin, Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh

Lalit Kumar is the founder of TechWelkin, Kavita Kosh and Gadya Kosh projects. He loves to study and work in the fields of languages, technology, blogging, SEO etc.
Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in TechWelkin and knowing more about me. Well, as you already know from the heading, my name is Lalit Kumar. I am the founder and principal author at TechWelkin. On this page, you’ll get to know more about me, about TechWelkin and about blogging.

Let’s get, set and go!

I am person who loves to learn different things. I like to gather knowledge from different domains, find synergies among these pieces of knowledge and then try to produce new stuff through inference, deduction, extrapolation and interpretation.

Sounds a bit heavy and verbose?!… May be it does! But I am sorry, I could not find any simpler words to say what it is :-)

Well, I have studied and worked in various fields including life sciences, information technology, software engineering, web development, bioinformatics and literature. I have worked for the United Nations and Medical Research Council. Besides that most of my work has been in the category of voluntary and freelance.

About Lalit Kumar. Things that Lalit does!

Lalit Kumar: figuring things out

My Blogging Journey

I have been blogging for about 6-7 years. I have been writing blogs both in English and Hindi. Blogging was never a professional endeavor for me. I wrote blogs just to express my thoughts.

I entered into Professional Blogging just by chance.

As I said, I like to learn new things. Moreover, web development is one of my fields of work. So, over a period of time I realized that I had gathered quite a bit of knowledge about how one can make money from their blogs. So, I decided to get into professional blogging; just to learn it more seriously.

Today, I earn handsome amount from my blogs. However, my interest is still not in earning money through blogging. Instead I blog to keep on learning how to do even better blogging.

And this exactly what I teach through TechWelkin!

I made mistakes in blogging

I began to take my blogging seriously way back in 2011. Today, the successful TechWelkin that you’re seeing was not built overnight. I did everything from scratch. I learned every bit of blogging on my own. And it took me years. The process is still far from reaching a matured-level.

I made EVERY possible mistake that a blogger can manage to make!… Now I know about what not to do more than I know about what should be done for success :-)

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work”

–Thomas Edison [tweet]

But that exactly is the secret of my success. Had I not made mistakes, I would not have been in a position to teach others. Had I not made mistakes, my success could have been short-lived.

Making mistakes, learning from mistakes, experiments, data analysis, research etc. are INTEGRAL part of blogging business. If you do not do all this stuff, your success will either never come… or it will have a short-life.

Why short life?

Well, professional blogging survives on the happiness of our readers as well as search engines. Search engines, especially Google, keep on improving their system and algorithms all the time. If you don’t know how Google search works and what angers or pleases Google, sooner or later your blog shall be penalized.

I have seen downfall of many blogs that were once successful. They make one or two mistakes and within weeks or months, they loose all they had achieved with hard work.

But those bloggers who are forever in a loop of learning, those who make all the mistakes and then learn from them; only those bloggers settle and survive in the rough waters of professional blogging.

How much I work?

Many people ask me about how much time I give to my blogging business. Well, professional blogging is a indeed a business. And unlike regular day jobs, you’ve to regularly work for more hours. On blogging, I work at least for 8 hours everyday. My work starts at 7:30am and goes on until 11:00pm. I manage some other stuff also during this time.

Do I provide consultancy?

Yes, I do! But I prefer to take only select assignments. As and when my busy schedule allows, I take up only select client and I work magic for their websites and blogs. Here are examples:

Website traffic growth of one of my clients. Monthly traffic increased 430% after I intervened and optimized the website.

Website traffic growth of one of my clients. Monthly traffic increased 430% after I intervened and optimized the website.

Monthly web traffic of another client grew by more than 100% after my consultancy.

Monthly web traffic of another client grew by more than 100% after my consultancy.

If you also want me to look at your website and give you advice on optimization and increasing traffic, please feel free to send me an email at techwelkin [at]

Glimpse of my voluntary work

I am the founder of Kavita Kosh; a Hindi language community based project which I started in 2006. Today this website has become the largest collection of poetry in Hindi and a number of other Indian languages. This project has won accolades from all quarters for its content, design, quality and management. I handle technical, managerial and policy making aspects of Kavita Kosh project. I am also the Director of the Kavita Kosh Team; a group of people that manages the website. Kavita Kosh is visited by 200,000 people every month. These visitors read between 1.5 to 2 million pages of this website.

Want to connect with me?

You’re welcome to connect with me through my social media channels. I keep on publishing useful articles through these channels.


  1. Parthasarathy Mallick says

    Dear Sir,

    Though I have partially navigated through your website,yet it is very nice and informative.I am student of Kendriya Vidyalaya and I belong to Odisha.

    Thanks for launching the Kavita Kosh.

    Sir,would you mind giving some tips on how to earn money by becoming a blogger.


    Parthasarathy Mallick

    • says

      Parthasarathy, don’t think that someone can teach you blogging! It’s a passion that some people have and some don’t. You may launch a blog for expressing your thoughts but earning money from blogging is a full time profession. You’re a school student, you should focus on studies. Studies should be your full-time profession.

  2. Kamini Gangurde says

    Greetings Sir,Your Profile is really inspiring.
    Information which you have shared
    is really helpful.

  3. bloggerlamongan says

    Nice share.. Very interesting bio, and I believe that you are inspire other bloggers. Btw, would you like to share how much your blogging earning at this time?


  4. Rama Malar says


    I would like to clarify two matters regarding the opening of a trust!

    1. Is it possible for 2 persons to come out of an existing trust and be a part of a new one started in the same name with a prefix or suffix ?!
    2. How long it will take to start a fresh trust?!

  5. Glitch says

    Hi Lalit, you are quite the intellectual with Code + Poetry.
    I run a data marketplace. Could definitely use someone with your skills.

  6. Anshika says


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    We would request you to kindly share your contact details so that we can send the invite for the same.

    Anshika Mehta

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