Photoshop: Write Circular Text and Text Around Other Shapes

Learn to quickly type circular text in Photoshop. If fact, using this technique, you can write text molded around several shapes.

Photoshop newbies often ask this question and are mostly advised to  learn path drawing. Path drawing is for the serious Photoshop professionals. But if you quickly want to write circular text, here are the steps:

  1. Open Photoshop and create a new canvas
  2. Select the Ellipse making tool from the toolbox
  3. Drag your mouse to draw an ellipse (if you want a perfect circle, press and hold SHIFT key while dragging the mouse)
  4. Now select the Text writing tool from the tool box
  5. Take your mouse cursor on the circumference (boundary) of the circle. The mouse cursor will convert into an “I” (called I-beam) when it will be directly on top of the circumference
  6. Click and begin to type. The text will come around the circle!
  7. You can press and hold CTRL key and drag the text around the circle.


Now one more and pretty tip for you!

You can actually use the above method to write the text around ALL the shape available in the toolbox. So, you can draw, ellipse, circle, square, rectangle, rounded rectangle, polygon… and even any of the custom shape!! Just draw a shape and begin type around that shape as described above.