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AdSense: How Many Ad Units Per Page are Allowed?

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.
Samyak Lalit | June 11, 2012 (Last update: September 22, 2017)

Samyak Lalit is an Indian author and disability rights activist. He is the principal author and founder of projects like TechWelkin, WeCapable, Viklangta, Kavita Kosh among many others.

A new Google AdSense user asked me “how many ad units can I display on one web page? What is the maximum number of ad units allowed per page?”

There are many over-enthusiastic AdSense users who try to place way too many ads on one page in hope to earn more money. But does it work? Let’s find out!

Google AdSense is world’s largest contextual ad network. Millions of people are using it on their websites and everyday countless new people join the network. These new users make a website and join AdSense with a hope that they would start making decent money “soon”… but it takes a lot of hard work, patience and time before that can happen.

In a large number of cases, frustration sets in and AdSense users begin to find ways to increase their income through AdSense. More often than not, AdSense users begin to add more ad units in their website. They feel that more the ad units higher the chances of getting clicks.

But the maximum number of ad units allowed per page is three. And you can show only one 300×600 display ad unit. Yes, in addition, you can also show up to three link units also.

These tips will help you using Google AdSense in much smarter way.

Many new users of AdSense are unaware of the fact that they can’t show more than three ad units on one page. If you put, let’s say, five units, the first three units will display ads and the remaining two will not show any advertisements.

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But I’ve seen websites with more than 3 ad units!

You might have seen some websites show more than three AdSense display ads. Well, the reason behind this is that they are the Premium AdSense Publishers. Google gives this status to those websites which, over a period of years, have proved that they are serious about regularly producing good quality content. Premium Publishers get a number of privileges including ability to display more than three ads per page and perhaps altering ad appearance.

Google does this to force publishers to focus on content quality. Loading your pages with tens of ad units is not the right way to begin your journey as a blogger. Good content is the only and only way towards success in blogging. Don’t feel disheartened. As I said, it takes a lot of patience to make your website worthy of decent income via clicks on ads. Have patience, produce good and useful content… and soon you’ll do better, for sure.

Please feel free to ask me if you’ve any question on this subject. Thank you for using TechWelkin.


19 responses to “AdSense: How Many Ad Units Per Page are Allowed?”

  1. Nirmal Baldaniya says:

    Hi Lalit Kumar. I want to make blog site.
    I want to know if my article is very big, can I place 3 ad banners of AdSense and ad banners of another ad network such as infolinks, etc.?

  2. Atul Sinha says:

    Thanks for such an informational article, I was little bit confused about the number of adsense units placed on a page. But now I got correct information. Thanks a lot brother.

  3. BSA Authority says:

    Hi dear!!
    Really awesome article.
    Can you look at my web i have created 2 ads one is 336*280 and other is responsive ad unit.
    Now on main page i have just shown one ad and its responsive but on posts i have shown total 3 ads one is on side bar one is just at the start of post and other is at the end.

    Kindly have a look at my site and tell me am i doing right?
    I am waiting!

  4. Santos says:

    Thank you ! I learned somthing new :D

  5. Srihari says:

    So in short, 3 banner Ads and 1 link Ad is allowed per page? This page has 4 banner Ads. Are you premium publisher?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      If you use custom ads (available in AdSense control panel) you may see more than three banner ads. But one should not overdo ads on one page. Anything more than 3-4 ad units will be too much.

  6. Lim Mingchen says:

    Hi, how to add Google ad unit in between content?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Lim, various themes (also called templates) provide option for embedding Google ads in the content. If your theme does not provide such facility, you’ll have to code it. But be careful while doing so. If you’re not a programmer, I would advice that you hire someone to do this task.

  7. Azar says:

    how to get premium adsense account

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Azar, there is only one way to get premium Google AdSense account, and that is to have a very high traffic website with very targeted users who bring good business for Google.

  8. Jaya Agarwal says:

    Hi Lalit,

    I got my adsense on behalf of another website and now using in both. I havnt try my primary website but my secondry website showing 4 display ads at the same time plus 3 link ads. which i have removed for security purpose but wanna ask should i use 4 ads if google is showing 4 ads per page?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Jaya,

      Yes, it has been noticed that sometimes Google shows more than 3 display ads on one page. But I would suggest to follow Google’s stated policy of using only 3 display ads per page. Stuffing a webpage with too many ads is counterproductive anyway.

  9. Gaurav Aroroa says:

    Finally my doubts are cleared now. My earnings was going down and I was afraid to use more ads without proper information. Lets see how it works for me.
    Thanks Lalit Sir

  10. Ramesh says:


    Thanks for your great post, but i would like to ask that in the earlier days when i was trying to put more than 3 ads, the 4th one doesn’t show.

    However, i have a new blog which is about less than 4 months old but i am using Adsense since 2009 on different blogs but all them now no more alive. But on my new blog it is showing 4 ads units.

    Could you please tell me how the ads showing more than 3 on my blog but now i remove it for a safety.


    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hi Ramesh, only three display ads are allowed by AdSense. But in addition you can show link units. I saw on your blog that you are using one link unit. So, you can still show three display ads (two of them you’re already showing).

  11. appinder says:

    Hi, lalit
    this is really great help but want to know …i have seen that some websites are using 4 TEXT AND DISPLAY ads
    1) 970 X 90
    and 3 (300X250) ads.. is it allowed.?

    • Lalit Kumar says:

      Hello Appinder, only three display ads per page are allowed by Google AdSense program. Premium Publishers, however, are allowed to show higher number of ads.

  12. pradeep says:

    thanks for giving us detailed info on how many ads we should place on our sites..
    currently i am using 3 texs & display ads and 2 link ads on my sites..

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